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    Because I only recently started down the path of building a mature and stylish wardrobe, I have yet to add any ties to that wardrobe. I'd planned on starting to build a tie collection by picking up some affordable and versatile ones from Thanks to michael in the "deals around the net" thread, that plan may be shot to hell. He notes that $150 of Kent Wang credit can be had for $80 by using the code X1FUS to purchase the following deal:

    While I haven't been paying attention for long, I've heard multiple people and style sites extoll the virtues of Mr. Wang's haberdashery. I've also heard good things about genuine grenadine ties (as opposed to, say, the tie bar's grenafaux) in terms of both looks and versatility. I'm now toying with the idea of purchasing two of the following (in particular the navy) from for a total of $80 to build a solid tie foundation:

    Of course, the extent of my tie-knowledge is very limited (to say nothing of the fact that I have never consciously seen a grenadine tie). Therefore, I'm hoping to turn to the more knowledgeable and stylish members of the Dappered community in hopes of suggestions, advice, and comments. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!