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What's you favorite brand for cords?

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  • What's you favorite brand for cords?

    Looking for a 5-pocket, dark gray, slightly-tappered cord, slim not skinny, $50 max.

    What brand do you guys like?

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    My uniqlo cords seem to fit that bill. They are probably going to wear out sooner than my Levis 511 cords, but they fit and look great. The only reason I'm not recommending the 511 is that it is definitely skinny. Levis sells 513 slim cords (which appear to be in your price range at the moment), but I can't speak to the fit on those since I've never tried them on.

    Good luck.


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      I'm quite happy with my Levi 514 cords. I have the "Cougar" (brown) color.

      I wish some of the other colors were better. The dark gray seems to dark too me, and the light gray a bit too light.

      I kinda like the "Auburn" red, but I'm not sure I could really pull off that color (or what I'd wear them with).


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        I bought a pair from GAP outlet. I'd say they fit similar to a 514, but with a slight taper (like a 513 maybe?). I think they were around $35. I have the dark brown and wear them quite a bit.
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          i can really only comment on what I have: lucky cords (found at costco) seem to fit pretty well, and the BR straight. Not the greatest, but both are comfortable. Colors were navy, beige, and sonoma wine aka maroon.


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            Solid leads.
            Thanks much fellas.


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              I have a few JCrew slim-straight cords. Got them on clearance for about $15, but you can probably get them on sale for less than $50 sometime this season. Good quality, from what I can tell, and cut well. I've been wearing them pretty much nonstop this fall, and no signs of wear.