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Leather Shoes

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    Leather Shoes

    Hello! I have been a long time reader and finally decided to try out the forums. Anyway, so I recently bought my first pair of leather shoes....

    these to be specific (in the Taupe Suede color). Since these are my first pair, I had a few questions about them:

    How do you clean leather shoes?

    Do shoe trees really work?

    These are full-grain leather which I read is the best kind, is that true or are most leather shoes just about the same?

    And finally..... What are you favorite pair of leather shoes?


    suede is different than other leather to clean, you need an eraser to literally "erase" dirt, and then a hard bristled brush to raise the nap of the suede.

    There are two persuasions to suede, one is try to keep them clean, the other is to let them get beat up. Those shoes are casual enough I think you could let them get beat up a little

    Shoe trees do really work. Whether or not you need them is up to you I guess, but they'll help keep the shape, and decrease wrinkles. I only use them in my higher end shoes, some shoes I like getting broken in and worn in looking.

    Leather quality does vary a lot, but that is a whole different discussion.

    I don't know if I have a favorite pair of shoes, they're all so different. But I do have a pair of moto boots I've had for maybe 4 years that are really beat up and so comfy. Also a pair of boat shoes that has been lived in every day for the last 3 summers. But then again I've got some gorgeous dress shoes I don't wear very often, but love to wear and are my nicest shoes. And recently I got some florsheim gaffney boots a couple weeks ago that are my new go-to fall boot instead of the motos. So it depends on the day (or hour) I suppose.