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    First blazer buy

    I dropped by Macy's today and discovered the INC International Concepts Jacket[1] which fit like a glove(size small). Trouble is, I am just not sure what to pair them with.

    I was thinking dark jeans paired with suedes[2]. Thoughts/Suggestions?

    [1] (Suggestions on shade are welcome)

    [2] (in dark brown)


    What color did you buy the jacket in?



      Haven't bought it yet. Heaving leaning towards the grey though.



        maybe it's just me, but I don't think your first blazer should be corduroy



          I agree with Ben. And furthermore it should be wool, and navy blue.



            If your wardrobe is mostly casual to begin with, I don't see any problem with owning a corduroy blazer rather than something more traditional, like the navy blazer Frank suggests.

            I actually think a casual corduroy blazer will be a lot more versatile as an "entry level" blazer, as you can dress it up or down depending on the situation, while a classic navy blazer (esp. one with traditional brass buttons) will always look rather formal.

            To the OP: I think the grey is a good choice, and you're on the right track with your dark denim and brown suede shoes idea. A grey blazer can go with brown or black shoes (or anything else) and will always look good with dark denim. For other trousers, just remember to keep some contrast between the blazer in terms of color, texture, or pattern, or else you risk looking like the goofball trying to pass off mismatched pants and jacket as a suit. But the grey should look good with black, charcoal grey, khaki, olive green, brown, etc. As far as shirts go, the same basic advice applies - make sure there is a bit of contrast. You can wear just about any shirt, a sweater, a button-down, a polo, even a nice t-shirt for a very casual look, though stay away from the graphic tees. Shoes can be just about anything you like as well, from very dressy leather to canvas sneakers.




              Agree with BenR, all good suggestions. I think the gray is the most versatile of the three; mainly because you can wear it with brown or black leather (belts, shoes). The blue/slate may clash with some jeans (I haven't seen the color in person).

              Aks, I'm not sure what your needs are. I have a black corduroy blazer I wear more than any other blazer I have. It's not structured at all. As BenR hinted, a cord (or any casual) blazer makes it easy to dress up your look with no effort. It sounds like you're heading this casual route; I assume you don't plan on wearing this with dress slacks (though chinos or non-blue jeans would work).

              Frank, I get where you're going. I think maybe Inc should call that jacket a sport coat instead.

              My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                BenR: Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to go ahead and make the purchase before seeing your reply(a 40% discount may have influenced that decision) but am glad to know that the pairing options are quite limitless with this jacket. Maybe I'll post a shot on Friday(pairing it with a white shirt, grey v-neck sweater and dark blue jeans).

                YackoYak: Considering where I work, casual is pretty much a Monday to Friday deal. Showing up in a v-neck and shirt is bordering on dressed-up around here so the jacket should be an interesting touch.