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    J&M Red Wingtips

    I have these and am having trouble creating outfits with them. General thoughts for me to be on the lookout for? Both colors/styles of pants and shirts that would work.

    Because of their color, they are going to pop and undoubtedly be the focal point and I feel like any bright color anywhere else is going to look overdone. I was going to wear a fitted dark green checked shirt I like but I'm afraid its too christmas treeish.


    I also have the whites. I was saving them for summer but I don't particularly subscribe to the "no white after labor day rules" and tomorrow is supposed to be summery...


    I wore that same shoe in grey all summer and now into fall - awesome shoe, very comfy and stylish.

    As for the red, keep in mind that while it will pop, you will have a whole leg's length of neutral-colored pants between the shoes and your shirt/jacket/etc. I think the shoes will look great with jeans or any neutral colored, chino-type pant. A green shirt won't look too Christmassy, especially if it's a relatively muted green or you throw a jacket on top. I personally think those shoes would contrast well with a light blue shirt or a white shirt with an understated pattern like a tattersall. It's safer to stick with neutrals but I wouldn't be afraid of taking some risks with contrasting colors elsewhere in my outfit if I were you.




      I agree with Ben's recommendation of a neutral pant to mitigate it a bit. With a neutral pant though, as long as the colors on top work with red, I'd say wear the hell out of them with almost anything. They are sweet, rock them frequently.

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        fyi, it's going to be 75 tomorrow and I will be on the coast.



          You can wear them like any brown shoe. Granted it will be your statement piece, you can still wear anything you would wear if you were wearing brown shoes

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            Emphatic "YES" to all outfits except the 1st--tend to agree with you on the X-mas effect w/ that shirt. That being said, the light blue windowpane shirt and the cream-colored chinos are a perfect match. You may be familiar with "go to hell pants," well these are definitely GTH shoes, but in a good way.

            They're certainly less than subtle, but the outfits you have selected definitely work by virtue of keeping the rest of your clothing traditional. This may be pushing your luck, but if you're really feeling it maybe try wearing them sockless and roll the chinos to get a little ankle showing, if you've got a casual, interesting woven, madras, or grosgrain belt, all the better--you're on the coast so the classic "beach look" won't be out of place. Definitely post a picture of yourself once you've made your decision.

            Also, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of wearing these sparingly into the fall with slim fitting corduroys in a warm british khaki color--could be a good look.



              I actually really like the outfits you are wearing the shoes with. Nice choices.