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December wedding - what to wear?

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  • December wedding - what to wear?

    I'm going to be going to a wedding at the end of December and am struggling with what to wear. I currently own a striped charcoal suit and a striped black one (this one is probably a no go b/c it's black). What do you guys think would be best for a wedding around this time? I was thinking about just wearing some chinos and the charcoal suit jacket (the pants don't fit to my liking), or possibly getting the suit pants tailored. I'm just afraid that with the stripes, it'll look like i'm going to an interview or something.

    If I were to buy something, are there any cheap options that would look good? I think navy would be a pretty solid color. Ideally, I'd work with what I already have but want to keep options open.
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    Charcoal suit with very subtle striping + your ability to pull off stripes = okay
    Striped suit jacket with chinos = no go

    Most people would say a dark (navy or charcoal), conservative suit... like one you might wear to an interview... is most appropriate for a wedding, but it sounds like this may be a bit more casual of a wedding. Navy jacket with your chinos is a classic look but more of a summer look unless the pants are quite dark. As far as navy jackets are concerned, they go with pretty much any colour pant except for navy.

    How cheap are we talking?


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      If the suit's jacket fits well, get the pants tailored to your liking and wear the striped charcoal suit. No chinos at a December wedding.

      Either way, your next suit should probably be a navy 2-button. It will be more versatile than the two in your closet right now.


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        Both of the suits I own fit pretty well, with an exception to the pants. I got both custom made in Shanghai ( a little over $120 a suit). However, I made poor color choices and the pants fit poorly because this was prior to my interest in menswear.. If I could do it all over again I would have had a navy 2 button, dark and light grey suits made. oh well, will have to wait until my next trip there.

        If I were to buy a suit, I wouldn't want to spend over $200. Would want navy, and something that fits well. However, given that criteria, I don't think I'd be able to find something because I'm a slim guy. 5'9" and ~130 pounds. OTR probably a 36s.


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          Originally posted by nftmlk View Post
          If I were to buy a suit, I wouldn't want to spend over $200.
          I guess what I meant was, you don't need to go buy a suit for this occasion. You'll make a hurried and unnecessary decision. Just get the pants tailored properly and you'll be good to go.