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Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt - Where To Buy?

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    Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt - Where To Buy?

    Does anyone have recommendations for the best place to get a slim-fitting tuxedo shirt? Ideally, I'd like something classic with a spread collar and no visible button holes similar to the shirt James Bond wore in Casino Royale. I've read this type of shirt is a more European look.

    Thomas Pink sells a shirt that might work perfectly, but it's priced really steep at $185.

    Charles Tyrwhitt sells a shirt with a nice pattern and weave for $99 but I'd prefer a shirt with an extra front flap to cover the buttons.|||||||||||||

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Depends on your measurements

    Was going to same TM lewin or CT. (I think TM has a fully fitted version btw)

    Or go the MTM route and get your covered plackett(I ordered from fit custom shirts in a hurry to get a wing collar one) I have the TM lewin tux shirt with same pattern as the CT one, I will tell you that it's ONLY the bib part with that texture, rest of the shirt is very light and plain white.

    Now if I can:

    Don't get a covered plackett get a normal button tux, go get a set of tuxedo cufflinks and studs, it's about the only time you can add a slight touch to the tux to stand out.


      Found this one at Nordstrom... $125

      This one at Macy's is cheaper but doesn't have neck/sleeve measurements... $79.50

      20% off at Macy's with code PERFECT.

      a shirt with an extra front flap to cover the buttons
      FYI - you're looking for a Fly Front Placket
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        Originally posted by jputman08 View Post
        FYI - you're looking for a Fly Front Placket
        As Shadow said, don't get that. IMO, Pink is waaayy overpriced for the quality unless you can find it on a clearance sale. J Crew makes a couple versions using Thomas Mason fabric that look pretty nice and there's a 25% off code today:

        I have a Paul Stuart tux shirt that I love. Pricey, but much better quality than Pink for the same $$$:

        Brooks Bros makes a slim fit tux shirt for $135:,sc.html

        Kent Wang's version looks nice:

        A Borrelli or Finamore would be awesome if he has your size:


          Thanks for these comments Shadow, Fred, and Jputman. This Boss shirt from Macy's looks like it might work. It has some pattern to it, but isn't as nice as some of the other links people have posted.


            Slim fit is the challenge for the tailor to provide the customer, that look that they want. I found these by David fashions on..


              For a $100 why not just go custom? Indochino and Black Lapel both sell tuxedo shirts in that price range.


                Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
                I have the TM lewin tux shirt with same pattern as the CT one, I will tell you that it's ONLY the bib part with that texture, rest of the shirt is very light and plain white.
                Marcella (bib front shirts) are usually only textured in the visible (bib) shirt area. The rest of the shirt is plain white and untextured. That's because you're not expected to take off your tuxedo jacket.


                  I really want this tuxedo jacket...


                    This might be fuddy-duddy, but really slim fit shouldn't be that big a deal, for the same reason the texture is limited to the bib. A dinner jacket should not be coming off so the front really matters.

                    Of course once the jacket has come off, all involved should be sloshed enough for nothing to really matter.


                      I've been on the same hunt for the past month, except I was holding out for much cheaper. I'd second the recommendation for pleats and studs, but I suppose it's mainly personal preference.

                      In any case, I'd highly recommend just getting a shirt tailored. I bought a shirt at Men's Wearhouse this weekend, of all places (during their 50% off sale) that fit all of my requirements (all cotton, spread collar, standard pleats, stud holes, french cuffs) for a measly $25. It's not slim fit, but the shoulders and arm lengths are perfect, so for $40-45, I'll have an essentially custom fit tux shirt in a week or so.

                      FWIW, Men's Wearhouse does carry slim fit cotton tux shirts for $50-75 regularly. May be worth checking out if you're on a budget.


                        I found it. I had been looking for a covered placket (hidden placket, fly front) shirt that was less than $100. Tehre are a lot of options in the $100+ range, and then plenty more well above that, but all I could find under that were these sketchy shirts on ebay with sporadic sizes. Now, this might not be slim fit, I'll let you know once I get it, but here it is, from JCP:

                        It says French placket, but it shows a covered placket. I'm hoping the picture is right. Then I just need to get this thing tailored and have the pocket removed.


                          Um, that's not a tuxedo shirt. Also, it states French cuff, not French placket. French placket is where the placket is just an extension of the shirt fabric on that side, like this:

                          OOPS: You're right, if you click the more info it states French placket which is not what is in the pic. It also says it's polyester/cotton?! I hope you didn't pay $40 for that.


                            Spread collar, French cuff, covered (though mislabeled) placket. The only unknown is how slim it fits. Otherwise it fits exactly what the op is looking for and is the only option available under $100. Feel of the shirt depends on the cotton/poly blend %'s and construction, so I wouldn't wholesale discount it, especially when it will cost you more than double to get it in 100% cotton. And its JCP, so $40 means you could easily get it for $25 or better with some patience. For someone looking to complete the Skyfall look, as the op stated, for less than thousands of dollars, this shirt is the money.

                            For $100, I'd say your best bet is Black Lapel (Dragon Inside and Indochino won't do a fly front/covered placket/hidden placket, though maybe they would if you called, but they would also be more than the Black Lapel shirt), but you'll have to wait more than a month to get it.


                              OP was looking for a tuxedo shirt. That's not a tuxedo shirt. (He was also looking for it a year ago. I assume he's bought something by now.) A tuxedo shirt either has pleats or a piqué pattern (marcella shirt). Since poly is listed first on the JCP shirt, under labeling laws that means that it is the highest % so that shirt you posted is at least 50% poly. That's fine for a raincoat but should not be used for a dress shirt IMO. The first shirt he linked to that he said "might work perfectly" was a marcella shirt so that's what I assume he wanted, not a poly dress shirt with a pocket.