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[REVIEW] Modern Tailor cheap oxford review

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    [REVIEW] Modern Tailor cheap oxford review

    I feel like I ask a lot of you guys and never give anything return.

    If there is anyone still out there that hasn't ordered a shirt from Modern Tailor, I hope my review will help you make a decision. I decided that I'll hold off on fit pics as this thing was cold out of the bag, and that I should probably wash and iron it to give Modern Tailor the benefit of the doubt. I'll post them a little later on.

    I wanted another blue OCBD and I thought I would start giving MTM options a try. MT's intro shirt is a steal ($30 shipped to my door, and quite quickly at that), but I also ordered understanding that it would likely be cheap cloth.

    Anyway, I went with the body-measurement route at MT, which sounded risky as they advise you to measure a well-fitting dress shirt. Nuts to that, I wanted to see how their patterns stacked up so I busted out the tape and measured everything (even when they didn't ask for it... little joke there). Selected sloping shoulders, flat stomach, average posture (which is a lie, more on that later), and slim fit.

    As far as the shirt options themselves, I asked for:

    - medium height soft button-down collar
    - single-button rounded cuffs with a gauntlet button
    - clean back with no pleats
    - regular placket
    - single V-pocket

    Got here in FOUR DAYS.

    Arrived in a FedEx bag inside a UPS bag. Maybe someone can explain that

    That's a pretty soft looking collar...

    Finer weave than say, this Gap modern oxford

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    Here's an example of the weight of this cloth. Gap modern oxford on top, MT on bottom.

    I wrote in 15.25" for my neck measurement...

    Pretty darn good.

    So the collar is plenty soft, but what I didn't anticipate is that the cuffs have some seriously stiff interfacing - Not really a great match. Given the size of the cuffs and the weight of the fabric, softer cuffs would be risky: they would probably move from the realm of casual-looking and into the realm of cheap-looking. Arm holes are high and I have great range of motion. The buttons are also surprisingly nice.

    I'll get the fit pics up soon.
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      I'm in the same boat. Needed(wanted) a blue OCBD, and thought a $30 MTM was a perfect opportunity to test to the waters. Mine is very similar to yours with a few differences in the details. It has yet to arrive, and when it does I will add my review.


        I love Modern Tailor. I only order my dress shirts custom made from now on. I like them and Blank Label.


          Forgot to update this until I wore the shirt....

          Devil's in the details:
          - Collar point buttonholes much too large for the buttons, placement iffy as well
          - Placket is off centre suggesting the collar was improperly attached
          - Fabric is a little sandpapery for my wussy neck

          Not a total loss - it will be a decent oxford to wear casually for $30, but its use with a tie is questionable. I won't be ordering any shirts with more expensive fabrics if these kinds of details are missed.


   Are actually one of my favorite MTM shirt distributors. They recently added some great new fabrics.

            And OP, the shirt looks really good. I had the luck to order from them as well and am satisfied so far. I only wondered, have you had any issues with button stitching


              I bought the white dress shirt they have for first time buyers for $25. I based my measurements off a well fitting dress shirt. The shirt fit well, but wrinkled horribly and felt scratchy to the point in unwearable. Still, I imagine its the cheapest/lowest quality fabric they have available. Decent turnaround time and they stick exactly to the measurements you give them. I will likely try them again sometime in the future. The $10 shipping is annoying.


                I wore my MT shirt twice and threw it away, fabric was just terrible. Maybe the higher thread counts are much better.


                  +1 to the above. I got the white new customer sale and did not like the fabric at all. It reminded me of a thin paper .

                  im sure they have nicer fabrics you can buy. Unfortunately I didnt get any fabric samples in my order to have to buy those samples.

                  With their price of around $60 a shirt I'm going to try of the British makes next.
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