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Need Help Picking a Staple Blank Label Shirt

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    Need Help Picking a Staple Blank Label Shirt

    So I've been pretty pleased with my first Blank Label shirt - in the Charlie Dunst detailed here.

    I had ordered another staple shirt - a light blue. But there were some complications that led to this order not being fulfilled. Now I'm being told to pick out a shirt in any fabric.

    I've wavered about how best to use MTM shirt makers. For staple white and light blue shirts, it is probably cheaper to buy an off the rack shirt that fits fairly well and get it tailored. So part of me though that the best way to use these shirt-makers are to pick unique patterns.

    But I don't have some staple shirts and I figure it's better to just get those out of the way rather than getting one that's only a part-time player. So, white dress - check. Of the light blues BL offers, I'm thinking

    Liam - a heavier-weight, more textured blue, but still resolves as blue at a distance
    William - sky-blue twill in herringbone weave that seems very much a counterpart to the Charlie Dunst
    Lenox Isles - a medium-weight blue and white diagonal. Looks similar to end-on-end to me

    None of these are a straight blue poplin. I tend to dislike the transparency of poplin, so that's a plus to me. But all of them have a bit of texture or wrinkle to them. Which one speaks to you as a basic, bulletproof, light blue shirt?

    I have a couple of other credits that I will try to use on another staple - a pink OCBD in Alaskan Moat. I'm also partial to the green/blue check of Flinders Street as I don't have much green in my wardrobe and I can wear that color well.

    I welcome feedback on any of these choices, but specifically interested in Dappered advice on the light blue shirt. I will report back when I get it.

    I think I like the Lenox Isles best. However, that's only because the close-up of the William fabric looks like it's got a bit of a sheen to it, which I don't like. If it's actually matte like the whole-shirt pics, I'd vote for that.


      All of the above. You can never go wrong with a handful of light blue/white dress shirts with various weaves.

      Personally, I now only use folks like Blank Label and Modern Tailor for my dress shirts. No OTR for me.