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Good Source for Jersey Polos and Striped Tees?

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    Good Source for Jersey Polos and Striped Tees?

    I frequent pretty casual places, and wear lots of solid color tees, but I'm looking to mix it up a little. Jersey polos seem like a more stylish, less vulgar version of the polo.

    Does anyone have a good source for these? Especially in dark rich colors. These are polos with finer fabric and a point collar.

    Lands' End Canvas has nice ones, but the collars are flaccid and unflattering:

    American Apparel has some, but on most of them the button placket is weirdly long, except on this one: .

    I'm also looking for shirts in rich colors with bold clean stripes.


    If I'm understanding what you mean by "jersey polo" i.e. a polo basically made out of t-shirt material, then you might want to check out the Mossimo polos at Target. They're $10 each, pretty good quality for the money, and made out of a cotton/poly jersey blend that seems to hold up pretty well. They don't have pockets, which makes them look nicer than some polos, IMO. Plus the fit is awesome - I actually had to size UP to a medium rather than my usual small. Not sure the collar will be as stiff as you're looking for, though, but I've never noticed mine looking particularly floppy.




      Collars go limp on the Mossimo polos IMO (much like the LEC ones) but work for a the money. For a little extra J. Crew has some nice solid ones in the sale section ~~~~~/13191.jsp

      without pockets ~~~~~/23232.jsp

      as for stripes... I haven't found many jersey knit polos with stripes.



        You want stripes like rugby stripes? Try looking at Ralph Lauren Polo line. They have rugby big stripes as well as solid colors with callers that stay in tact for years. If you dont mind a logo that each their own, Banana republic is usually where I get my polos on Sale for around 25-28 bucks.