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A Warning - Knot Standard

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    A Warning - Knot Standard

    I don't usually go in for this sort of thing, but I've had such a bad experience with this MTM retailer that I wanted to post about it in the hopes that it would give someone pause before ordering from there.

    My wife purchased a deal from Gilt--basically, $150 worth of items from KS for $75. The standard sort of thing you'd get from Gilt, and even though neither of us were familiar with them, there were some pretty good testimonials online. I signed up for the site in August so I could enter my measurements and start perusing their items. Almost immediately I'm contacted by a "Bespoke Advisor" to see if I need help with anything and encourage me to purchase at a special 10% discount. I wasn't ready to buy, so I let that lapse, but I received at least two more of these emails before I finally decided to buy.

    I decided on two custom shirts and a pair of cufflinks. which after the Gilt deal cost me $30. Not bad at all. Placed the order on 9/19/12. About a month later I still hadn't received the items, but even more perplexing was my order status, which still read as "Processing." I contacted my customer service advisor via email. She never got back to me. About 10 days later, I still had not heard anything about my order, which was still "processing." I again contacted my "Bespoke Advisor", this time more forcefully. She wrote me back, apologetic, and told me she would look into it.

    By Thanksgiving I still had heard nothing. I let it fall by the wayside and had been busy at work, but when the Black Friday deals from Black Lapel and Indochino rolled around, I remembered that I'd ordered some custom items from KS and still had not received them. I wrote a pretty angry email to their customer service contact on the website--just one of those general contact addresses. I didn't expect much, but I'd gotten fed up dealing with my "personal" contact and I needed to vent a bit.

    To my surprise, and their credit, they got back to me within 24 hours. Not only did my Advisor write back to me, profusely apologetic and with a promise that I would have my items within a week, but I also received an email from John Ballay, who appears to be a (the?) managing partner of their New York City office.

    While they were very apologetic, with vows to better and to prove that my business was worth it, they were pretty short on explanation. My order had somehow been "misplaced" and had not gone to my "Bespoke Advisor" for final review. Whatever that means. Mr. Ballay indicated that, rather than send me the shirts that had already been made, my entire order was being remade from scratch. I thought that was a bit strange, but these things are probably made outside the US, so if that meant I would get them more quickly, great. I wasn't happy with the huge delay and piss-poor customer service up to that point, but I was glad to finally have my order moving.

    The box arrived today. I asked my wife to take a look for me (I'm at work) and she said the shirts look good. I asked her about the cufflinks. She sounded confused. "What cufflinks?"

    And so after all that, they failed to even send my complete order.

    So that's my story. I don't know if other people have used them. Hopefully my experience has been an outlier. But maybe not. Thought folks should hear about it.

    I have never heard of them but by rule of thumb I stick with Ratio for MTM shirts.