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    Hey everyone, first time poster with some questions about cotton suits. I'm looking for something that's really versatile, but I don't want to spend a ton right now. I'm an attorney in KY, and while I would always go wool for any hearings/important court appearances, it gets pretty damn hot in the summer and I think I could pull off the right cotton look for regular motion days, office work, and casual settings. I've been looking at the JAB cotton twill suit that goes 2 for $100 and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. My dad got one a few weeks ago, but he's quite a bit shorter than me, so I can't try it on. I do see that it's fully lined, though, and it seems heavier than I'd have expected. Basically, it struck me as a suit made out of mid-weight Khaki pants. I don't love it (or hate it), but if that's normal for affordable cotton suits, then it's fine - especially for the price. I'm also younger, tall (6'2") relatively athletic/slim (190lbs), and prefer a pretty tailored, slim look. So, what do people who have experience with cotton suits or this one in particular think? Is the suit too heavy for hot summer days? Is the jacket very structured? Could the lining be removed (that's more of a general tailoring question)? Are the pants slim or at least capable of being tailored to a fairly slim, lower rise style?

    And along the same line, I really like the Merona Kensington as a casual sport coat, and I was wondering if anyone had tried pairing it with the navy Merona flat front pant for a sort of poor man's casual cotton suit (don't worry, I'd never try it in the court room)? I have no idea if the colors match or if the pant is even a style I'd like or tailorable, but it seemed like a possibility when I saw the pants on line.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I have that suit. Its not particularly trim, but its trimmer them most others in the JAB lineup. Its close enough that a tailor could finish the job. The pants will need slimming. And a decent tailor can remove the lining. The shoulders are a little large, but I sized down and that took care of it.


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      Thanks, man. Any comment on the thickness? Is this a lightweight/summer option?