I've had a pair of taupe suede Clarks desert boots for about 4 months now and while they're some of the best-looking shoes I have they're also quickly becoming the most uncomfortable. I decided to wear them on for a visit to my wife's cousin on Thanksgiving and after walking about a quarter mile in them on Friday taking the kids to a park my heels and the balls of my feet were pretty sore. Today I'm wearing them again and the heel pain is back. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution? Insoles, perhaps? I've seen countless reviews where people say these are super-comfortable but I just don't get that at all. It's frustrating that the best-looking shoes I have (Clarks, PF Flyers sneakers) are the most uncomfortable while the most comfortable (Vasque Blur trail runners) are the most dorky looking for wearing around town. Done venting now.