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How did everyone do on BF+CM?

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    Originally posted by Ian619 View Post
    Topper Jewelers

    They had a BF/CM special where if you spend a certain amount you would get an Apple Product, from an iPod Nano to one of the new MacBook Pros with Retina display. The AT8500 qualified for a Retina iPad, so we negotiated a bit and I told them I didn't want the iPad either so they deducted that from the total price.
    That's where I got my Omega PO from earlier this year. Super nice guys to deal with.

    Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
    Great plan, it's just if you find a lot of tugging etc, it may not nescessarily be technique and rather than get frustrated, a simple change to a sharper blade may have you going ohhhhhh! I used derbys first and wasn't really sold on the whole lack of burning feeling after my first heavy shave
    I'm not sure if I'm sold on a safety razor being a better shave. It's definitely easier to shave than my Fusion ProGlide was when my hair is longer but I think the Fusion gives a closer shave. What I usually do now is use my safety razor for 2 passes and then do a quick pass at the end with my Fusion ProGlide to catch all the short hairs in hard to reach areas that the safety razor missed.


      I have a dorco year pack for quick shaves in the shower, using their 6 blade I find it misses many spots unless I do about 3 passes, it's fairly quick but I don't think it's any closer. It is easier to go against the grain. However I think the soaps etc with wet shaving are much better for my skin, I tend to have a dry spot near my nose if I don't moisturizer and that seems to have gone away significantly.

      if you got an agressive safety razor it also would probably be closer than say a Edwin Jagger DBL which is apparently quite mild. Lots of factors to weigh in with


        Picked up a Bayswater peacoat and a few of these babies ( from J Crew. Loving the sweaters, continue to be thankful that they're fully embracing the X-Small size for us thin guys.


          Got most of my goodies today. The J Crew Thompson suit seems to fit quite well; I'll just need to hem the pants and shorten the sleeves a little.

          The Strands are my first pair of Allen Edmonds. Magnificent. Now I realize what I've been missing.