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    Casual Leather Watch

    Joe's lastest post about the FFF watch got me thinking about casual watches. I really like the look of the timex weekender with the FFF simple leather band, but I wanted to see what other options there are. I'm looking for a simple watch face (no chronographs) with a clean brown leather band, leaning more on the casual side. I wouldn't mind buying watch and band separately as well. Something like this: (but affordable on a student's budget!) Any recs/pictures?

    Maybe it's a little expensive, but how about a Maratac Mid Pilot? Simple decor, excellent build, and has some great features for the price! Check out the 2013 model here,
    It retails for $195 but I think of it as a bit of an investment, it will definitely last longer than most cheap quartz watches!

    This review of the older model also has a great gallery with different straps and such. Only differences between this and the 2013 model is that it's slightly smaller (36mm vs 39mm on the '13) and it has a central second hand instead of it being in a separate dial at the 6 o'clock position.