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Short Sleeves and ties?

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    Short Sleeves and ties?

    Since It's summer I wear a lot of short sleeve button ups. What do you think about wearing a tie with these shirts? Too nerdy or does it just not look right? I've been avoiding this but what do you guys think?


    to be honest I think a long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up always looks leagues better than the short sleeved version of the same shirt, in all cases

    but that could just be me



      i agree with joolander, but then i try to avoid short sleeved button ups anyways, they always end up looking bad on me =P



        Yeah, I agree with you guys you have to rock these out ruggedly and roughly or you can end up looking dweebish. Probably wouldn't reccomend these for the skinnier crowd.



          I wear a tie with rolled up sleeves. I keep the top button undone to reduce the formality. Pick shirts and ties which suit the season and to avoid looking like you overdressed and then had to roll your sleeves up.

          If your style is on point it should look like this "nerdy" look was what you meant to achieve, and we all know nerdy is in, right?

          +1 for no short sleeve shirts, at least until I grow my biceps a bit.



            The short sleeve button up is really hard to pull off without a tie, but looks really good if you can. I cannot, unfortunately.

            As far as ties go, I think ChrisW is right by saying you'd have to pull it off as an "intentionally nerdy" look, otherwise you'll look like an unintentional dork. However, when you start talking about intentional looks like that, you're getting into the realm of affectation and skirting the line of wearing a costume and not clothes.



              Open shirt with a v-neck or simple crew will help break that nerdy look.



                Wish we could quote posts, but +1 to Joolander anyway. I've rarely seen nice short-sleeve shirts (ie. where a long-sleeved rolled up wouldn't look better), and tagging on a tie to that looks a lot worse.



                  I, for 1, wear short sleeves with a tie but it depends on what I have on. If I'm wearing a vest as a top layer, then I'm wearing shoort sleeves. Also, if I'm wearing a light cardigan (which I tend to do sometimes during the summer), I'm wearing a short sleeves because long sleeves have always proved to be bulky but that's just me.



                    I am no fan of the short sleeve dress shirt. The name alone is a deterence to me. A tie adds even less appeal. But to each their own.

                    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                      Yes, if you want "short sleeves" just roll the long ones up



                        Definitely a "no" to actual short sleeves + tie.

                        But as many have mentioned, rolled sleeves + tie is fine. In fact, I just rocked this look a few days ago

                        Purple military shirt from Express and black tie by DKNY. I wish the tie had been a bit skinnier but I think it still worked.



                          Hey, this guy says go for it.

                          A 'button up' short sleeve dress shirt is usually not stylish.

                          An untucked button down short sleeve shirt is a little less Dwightish, but I wouldn't try a tie to go along with that.

                          E.g. rtner&cm_pla=10&cm_ite=1&siteId=J84DHJLQkR4-5_gPx_Ru4sHT5v6V6c6V1g

                          This guy sorta pulls off the Dwight look, but he's definitely going for the nerdy on purpose vibe with thick rimmed glasses and plaid pants.



                            I for one do enjoy wearing short sleeve button ups. They've got to be right though. I own no short sleeve shirts that look like a long sleeve button up I would wear. I have one shirt by a brand Nick(it) that is a white cotton shirt with this diagonal pattern in the stitching, all white, a light beachy white, but still white, not cream. But in the color there is a bright orange, and along where the shoulders are are a rainbow colors, so it's a perfect summer shirt, and it fits slim, hits just above the biceps, perfect untucked.

                            Then, I own a Selected Homme shirt I bought in England for about 70 pounds, then about $130. It is just perfect, a dark grey shirt, two buttons on the front, great details in the stitching, a perfect fit off the rack.

                            So, basically, what I'm saying is: I think you can pull off short sleeve shirts, but just wear, don't let it wear you. Also, try to think outside of the normal button up, and make short sleeves a more casual/trendy/stylized look than the average button up. Make it the focal point of what you're wearing and keep the rest of your outfit pretty toned down.