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Indochino, the Fat (Though Less Fat) Man, and Your Advice

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    Indochino, the Fat (Though Less Fat) Man, and Your Advice

    I've never considered myself especially fashionable or stylish, but I've started to develop an appreciation for it. I've been interning for a firm that will hire me out of school, and once I graduate updating my wardrobe will be necessary. I also have a few events coming soon after the new year that I'd like to look a notch above 'acceptable' for.

    I own a small selection of suits, but all of them were acquired when I was noticeably heavier. In August I weighed in the 250s (5'10), and at the moment (despite not shying from my fair share of turkey and pie recently) I'm weighing in at the 210s thanks to responsible choices, diet and exercise. I know I've got a ways to go, and the best way to look good in a suit is to look good naked, but suits that were already unfitted and unflattering aren't going to look any better now.

    Indochino has received mixed reviews in the past, but the prevailing opinion from professionals and customers seems to be that they've been improving by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and I'd like to give them my business at the moment. Their FAQs try to briefly address any fears the heavy-set man may have, and many of the customer reviews include pictures of people looking awesome in their new duds, but I've yet to come across a review from someone identifying themselves as a big guy.

    I was curious if anyone else on the larger side has met with success ordering from them? I'm relatively patient - if the fit isn't perfect the first time, I'm willing to wait the extra four weeks to get it as close to perfect as possible.

    Any input or advice would be appreciated!

    Congrats on your body transformation! I know it's not easy. I know you're soliciting advice regarding Indochino, but my gut reaction, especially given that you're going to need things soon in the new year, is that maybe Indochino isn't the way to go. This is especially considering that you know you want to continue losing weight (and you can!). Those suits are expensive, and even with that job (and a potential signing bonus), you still probably don't want to put down $350+ for a suit that will not fit you in a year because you've dropped another 15-30 lbs or something. For a modest-budget option, a lot of people here go for the Tommy Hilfiger slim fit suit route from Macy's. It'll look good (albeit strong-shouldered) and not break the bank. A step up from that would be the J. Crew Factory Thompson suits (there's a wool blend for around 170-180 w/ additional 20-30% off and pure wool for around 200-220). For many people here, those are excellent, heavy-duty suits that come out of the box fitting and looking great.

    But if you're willing to swallow the cost of an Indochino suit not fitting in a few months time, and can afford it, go for it. I'm positive that you could work w/ customer service to have something right for you. I don't see what the problem would be.


      I am 200lbs at 5 foot 8.

      First one, jacket was pretty much spot one, save for a small tweak here and there (taking in the sides, as it were) but the trousers were super baggy around my thighs, knees and calves. I wasnt sure why that was the case, considering I wore some very nicely fitted chinos when I got measured and was hoping for the same fit. All alterations to the jacket were covered by the $75 dollar credit and the trousers were simply remade, very little hassle from customer service.
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        Congrats on your loss!

        Just a comment, as someone who lost a lot of weight this summer and went through something similar: If you lost 40 from August-Nov, that's probably roughly 10 pounds a month, and if you keep that up, you'll probably be down at least 10 pounds between measuring and delivery, and set yourself up to not fit as well as you should by the time you receive the suit (let alone a year). I just got an Indochino suit (I leveled off my weight loss in mid October) and am thrilled with its fit - but had I gotten one while I was still losing, I'm sure that it would have fit poorly by the time it came and then I would have written off Indochino and not gone back again.


          Thanks a lot for the thoughtful responses. It seems like everyone is pleased with Indochino, but I think I'll take everyone's advice and wait until I'm at whatever weight I end up at - or at least slow down in the loss. Very much appreciated!


            Hey there, reading your comments, it looks like we are in the exact smae boat. I am 5'10" and hovering around 210. I have a belly and it throws off pretty much every suit I have seen in a men's store. I've read good things about Indochino and I'd like to give them a try.

            Can you tell me how your suit turned out? Care to post some photos?


              Hey man, congrats on the weight loss! I'm in the same boat, kinda. Dropped 50lbs last year and have been steadily revamping my wardrobe since. If you're really motivated to keep losing, snag a more modestly priced suit now and see if you can get it tailored to your new physique. Think that would help get a lot of value out of it.
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