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Please help, vested black suit

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    Please help, vested black suit

    Long story short, I had planned on casually looking for my first well fitted stylish suit during all the sales over the next few days starting with navy and gray/charcoal suits. I have had other suits, but they are all ill fitting and made of inferior quality. I had hoped to acquire a suit that sits at the top of minimal/bottom of best price for quality suits.
    Yesterday a friend of mine found out that she has terminal pancreatic cancer. So, now I must refocus my search to finding a respectable vested black suit. I had originally thought about trying my hand at: Indochino, Black Lapel, and Suit Supply. However, this has obviously become very time sensitive and I don't want to be caught up in remakes, tailoring, and the such.
    I am now considering one of the slim fit suits by Bar III, Lauren, and DKNY that are being offered in the Macy's black friday sale. I have no experience with any of these, and your comments and reviews on which is best is greatly appreciated. I may still purchase one of the MTO suits and have one of the Macy's suits on hand should I need it.

    We have been friends for a long time, and she is significantly older than I. I have just turned 30 and she is in her early 60's. She is a professor at the university I just graduated from, and a frequent visitor to the art museum I work at. Over time she has become somewhat of a surrogate mother, and gets a kick out of my recent attempts at a more mature sophisticated wardrobe. So, not only do I want to spend my money wisely, I also want something she would be proud to see me in.

    Wow that's absolutely brutal/terrible/sad I don't think I could even wear the suit knowing why I bought it, that aside.

    You could ask black lapel conceirge and tell Ann the situation they might be able to jump you ahead/rush it. They did for my trivial vegas trip.

    Take accurate measurements and you should be great, plus alteration credit etc. Mine was pretty much bang on though.

    You don't need a black, charcoal/navy would also be acceptable and quite dark(midnight blue is blacker than black as they say) as it's pretty much meant for semi formal(black tie) and the situation you're in. But if you want something she'd be proud to see you in, I'd think a quality suit you can wear in normal everyday situations would be better.


      Shadow, Thanks for the reply. Your post on the Black Lapel suit helped push them to the top of my list. I can't tell from the pics, is your suit black or a dark navy?


        It's their navy, it's plenty dark.

        Navy is one of those generic terms but it's supposed to be very very dark in my book. I ordered a tux in navy as well without hesitation.

        Edit: you could also have her name/initials inscribed on the inside as a nice touch(although rather sad I might add)

        The shirt is darker than the picture shows and that's the navy vest with my suit.
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