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Ok help me pick here from Indochino BF Sale

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    Ok help me pick here from Indochino BF Sale

    I'm thinking Vincero 3 piece in grey and also a white vest(Think that could be interesting to wear casually)

    But there is the option for the grey herringbone blazer and either a 3 piece essential(herringbone or charcoal) or 2 piece essential and a vest of some sort

    Or 2 essentials I guess,
    My issue is, for the $500 i'm paying for the Vincero and all the reading about Indochinos recent problems and lack of quality;the same fused hybrid is used in the Vincero line! WTF & indochino-review has had some postings about missing canvassing in lapels etc. really has me worried.

    That gray just seems to stand out and it is 130s but that whole fused thing concerns the heck out of me. I could order, take it to tailor to see what he thinks and then return it if there's any concerns I guess. Anyways, suggestions, other ideas etc.

    I have a lighter grey 3 piece from DragonInside coming.

    I'm sure you've thought about it already, but how closely have you looked at black lapel? not sure they have a BF deal going, but i think they are going to be my next suit (where i had been set on indochino)


      I was very satisfied with my first Indochino purchase, and ordered 2 suits from the BF sale (Blue Sharskin and Blue Glen Plaid), however, I understand your hesitancy in dropping $500 on one of their suits. My tailor examined my first Indochino suit and he described it as a significantly better than department store brands and major retailiers (JCrew, BR, etc), but he noted that the construction falls between half canvassed and fused. His perception was that Indochino has an excellent cost/quality ratio, but also noted that they should not be confused with higher end brands like Hickey Freeman.

      I know you bought a Navy 3 piece from Black Lapel (and you review/experience has led me to deciding to making my next suit purchase from them). The Vincero uses better quality fabric, but poorer construction for about the same price.

      In the end, I was impressed by the quality of my first Indochino suit. With the BF sale, I am getting 2 suits for less than $300 each that are far beyond anything I could find at a major retailer. Plus, any alterations I have are covered. (I should note that my first IC suit fit almost perfectly, the only alternations needed were adjusting the pant and sleeve length). However, I would not buy a suit from the Vincero line. I would sacrfice wool quality for better construction.


        @margo I bought BL and absolutely love my suit from them, sporting it in Vegas I had compliments from people that always see suits, noticing my coloured boutonniere, peak lapels, the fit etc. Thats why I was really hoping for a %20 off sale, I would have gone with them in an instant.

        @somatic that's how I was thinking, if the internals were better I was ready to go IC 130s as they have some great looking fabrics, but my tailor also told me to avoid IC and go with BL after he randomly brought it up when looking at the jacket. So now it's down to do I want 2 essentials or maybe try another maker just to be a trooper

        Really want that white lightning vest though


          Yeah so I ordered from Dragon Inside again using their coupon of LAUNCH for %50 off the order, hopefully the accept it I've abused it hah.
          All 110's I believe & fully canvassed

          Charcoal 2 piece (I asked for jetted pockets and peak lapels..just to mix it up)
          light grey herringbone blazer (flap pockets, notch)
          charcoal blazer (jetted, notch)
          pinstrip charcoal vest

          All were functional buttons, flower holder and boutonniere's


          I emailed asking if that was cool that I did that, I already have a tux and grey 3 piece ordered with them hah.