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What do you think about this look?

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  • What do you think about this look?

    The guy on the left, I completely fell in love with his look and am looking to steal it (hae, hae). Coincidentally, I'm getting a made-to-fit suit made soon aswell as s shirt so here's my chance. What should I tell the tailor? I'm expecially interested in the collar and the fit of the suit.

    Oh and I was also thinking a white presidential pocket square would go great with it to get that Mad Men look without exagaration.
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    With the three button jacket and the skinny tie, it's a very mod look. Be aware that a jacket like that will tend to make your torso look shorter. I've always liked the mod look in theory, but I don't think I can pull it off (makes me looks like a fireplug). If you want a more "Mad Men" vibe, go with a two-button jacket.


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      I didn't notice it was a three button, I definitely like two buttons better. Also I'm a little scared of getting a suit that fit. And about the collar - how do I get my collar to fold around the tie like that? Could he be using collar clip there or is it just a matter of getting a narrow and thin collar?


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        He's wearing either a tab or bar collar.

        You can get the clip-on bars, but I agree with the above link that it's a bit cheesy. If you really want that look, invest in a shirt with either a tabbed or eyeletted collar.


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          Thanks a lot, ddjones.


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            Red Garland,

            After reading Lib's writeup on Modern Tailor(here), I was thinking that their shirt would work for you, they have a round collar and a mini round collar which look similar. For $20 it's hard to beat for a MTM, even if its not amazing.
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              The OP is trying to recreate a look: skinny ties and button-tab collared shirts. It's a classic '50s-'60s look that has appeared on countless men, both then and more recently. In fact, James Bond was just dressed similarly in Skyfall.

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                Gentleman, please restrict discussion to topics related to Red Garland's style question. This is a forum devoted to discussing men's style, and other topics are generally out of place.

                Additionally, please remember to be courteous when communicating with other forum members via posts or messages. We're all here because we enjoy discussing a similar topic.