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Girlfriend made. Man approved?

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    Girlfriend made. Man approved?

    My girlfriend love to do a lot of crafts and DIY. Recently she has taken up crocheting and she is making me a brown scarf? Do you approve of things like that? Is it okay to rock a crocheted scarf?


    if she makes it, you better rock it or she won't be your girlfriend any more.

    it depends where you live I guess. In the city, people probably wouldn't, but if you have ever lived in any ski town, people wear crocheted everything. I'd wear it FWIW



      I probably wouldn't wear crocheted anything and I'd ask her not to make me something I wouldn't wear, but I'm irritating to date. That said, she already made it, so you'd better at least wear it around her.



        Would you wear it if she hadn't made it, if you had found it in your closet one day?

        If you like it wear it, if you don't, don't. Don't be cowed into wearing something you don't like. We call that appeasement. Thank her regardless.



          rock it bro. make it a part of your personal style, it will look good on you.

          and like Ben said, you don't have much of an option anyway



            Are we talking about this:




            Or this:


            I would wear the first two. Totally agree with CharlesMartel, only wear it if you would wear it anyway. Appeasement is a slippery slope. Looking at my past mistakes, I have had arguments turn into things you do for each other, to "make each other happy". "I do X for you, can't you just do Y for me?" To some degree you can't avoid that but IMO that comes in when you're married and once you have kids. The only person I have to appease is myself (so I can live with my choices). And mother. Because she loves to guilt trip and I don't have a comeback for "I gave birth to you".

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              Get her to make you something awesome. Win-win.

              YackoYak's first two links look great to me.



                fwiw, most of the crocheted stuff I see looks like the first link, that is what I had in mind



                  i think for me it comes down to one question: what am i more afraid of? being caught wearing something dorky, or having a girlfriend who really cares about me that much? i'm guessing the scarf isn't ugly, since you're willing to wear it, if need be. maybe it'd be worth it to figure out what exactly it is that's making you hesitate.



                    Make her something equal in looks that she'll have to wear also >: D



                      Thanks for all of the feedback guys. Let me clear some stuff up. First of all she isn't done making it yet. I might send a pick of it once she dose. Second it does look like this.


                      So I think I'm going to wait for her to finish it send you a pic and a verdict of weather I like it or not we can wrap this whole thing up!



                        Rock that thing. It will score you points and it should mean more than a random scarf you bought. I have a great thick wool scarf that is black and brown that my mom actually knit for me. I wear it a ton, people recognize that it is unique, and women think it is great when they inquire about it.

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                          Going off of that picture you've posted I'd say wear it. Some additional advise, just say no to mittens.



                            @Wispa I agree with that. It looks like a decent pattern if it isn't with a bunch of other knit things.



                              Before she finishes it, find out what her angle is. Then you can decide whether or not to accept it lol.