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    Out of your price range desires

    I was thinking about this this morning. What is one thing (or more), clothing related, that you would like to have, but is incredibly out of your price range. I think it would be neat to see what peoples ideals are, and maybe we can find them affordable alternatives.

    For me, I would like a deep burgundy overcoat. Great color, stands out -but just a little bit, and luxurious. something like this

    but maybe even a little darker. What about the collective?


    My out of price range item would be these Gaziano and Girling cordovan boots.

    I understand that they're probably in the $1600 range, so a more affordable option would be this:

    I also understand that those are in the $600 range, but maybe I can find some good used ones on eBay.

    I don't know of any other options that would be cheaper and look AS GOOD as those shoes do.



      Something like this:

      Even better if it was camel hair....

      A hat from Optimo in Chicago.

      Some bespoke footwear

      A bespoke suit from Anderson & Sheppard in London:



        Some sort of Burberry Trench has always been at the top of my list:



          Cordovan boots for me as well. And Saddleback bags. Saddleback isn't out of everyone's price range and I'm sure they are worth every single penny, but they are out of my range for the time being.



            +1 on the cordovan boots--would love to own a couple pairs of Alden shell cordovan captoes--the two boots pictured in the (I know, I know) post are drool-worthy.




              +1 for Cordovan boots and +1 for Saddleback



                A pair of high quality raw selvedge jeans.



                  I'm not sure how high quality you want, but I like my raw selvage Gap 1969 jeans... Picked them up when they were having their 40% off in-store sale for just over $50



                    MagM, I'm not sure if the fit is what you're looking for but Levis has a pair of 514 (straight slim leg) in raw selvage for $58. If you're looking to see if raw denim is for you, or you just want a new pair, this seems to be a nice option.

           rcategories%3Aselvedgedenim%3A11793500&clickid=prd sw

                    I never tried these but only because they doesn't make them in my size. I usually need a 29x34 and that isn't offered by Levis.

                    Another option is to sign up at Revolve. They carry a lot of high quality denim and there's a 30% off for first time buyers promotion. I think it has some restrictions but my first purchase was a pair of Nudie jeans and it worked. Before placing the order email or call customer service and let them know you're a first time buyer. They should give you a promo code to use at the checkout screen.

                    Their customer service is great. It's free shipping both ways using USPS. Inside every order they include a pre-paid USPS return label and a new envelope (flat rate kind with wax finish) to send items back with. The few times I had to contact customer service they were quick to respond and even measured a piece of clothing to give me the exact measurements.


                    I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just a satisfied customer.



                      @Jason I never seem to have luck with the fit of Gap pants, dunno why. I've kind of given up. But I'll see if I can find 'em next time I'm in store, if only to try 'em on and see.

                      @Wispa Oh they do the 514s raw too? When it was just the 501s I wasn't interested because they're a little baggy on me, but interest piqued.

                      Thanks guys. I thought raw denim only came either in 501 form or $300+ form.



                        @MagM No problem. Good luck in your search.

                        One thing to look out for is if the jeans are sanforized or unsanforized. Sanforized denim has been pre-soaked (not washed) and the inseam may shrink up to 0.5 inches at most. Unsanforized is like the Levis shrink to fit line. This type will shrink a few inches even in cold water. I've never owned this type because my sizing is difficult as it is with sanforized!



                          Just happened upon Paul Stuart's Phineas Cole line, and am extremely impressed. Their use of color and texture is absolutely incredible, and all the patterns look terrific. Blows Brooks Brothers out of the park.




                            Wow, thanks for the link Charles. Definitely out of my price range for most items, but I could see myself picking up some socks or a pocket square.

                            Some personal items off the top of my head:

                            - Rubinacci pocket squares

                            - Jan Leslie Cufflinks

                            - Roderick Tung Shirts

                            - Many ties from Pierrepont Hicks and Otis James



                              @CharlesMartel LOVE those sportcoats and colors