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    Shoe Care Kit

    I just obtained my first pair of nice shoes. AE Fifth Avenue in brown. Got them used but in great shape on Ebay for $65 shipped. Wore them to a wedding yesterday and I am absolutely in love with them.

    My problem is I have no idea how to take care of these things. I have AE shoe trees on the way, but I'm hoping for some advice as to what kind of 'shoe care kit' I need. I'm willing to put in the time to take care of them, but I want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff and not buying stuff that I don't need. Can anyone suggest a good starter kit that won't break the bank? Is it worth spending the 90 bucks on the AE shoe care kit? It does look nice and I plan on getting a few more pairs in the future so maybe that is worth it. I just really don't know where to start. Not interested in getting them super shiny or anything, I like the way they look now. I just want to make sure I'm protecting the shoes so they last.

    As much as we care about our shoes around here, it seems like there would be a post covering this, but my searches have come up empty. Thanks for any help guys.

    The "Put This On" and "An Affordable Wardrobe" blogs have good posts on shoe care.


      Might need google but:

      Leather Conditioner/Cleaner: Lots of people swear by Lexol, I've used it and never had an issue as well.

      Shoe Cream: this will re-dye the leather and moisturizer it a bit I use Meltonian they have a vast array of colours, IF your shoes are say walnut and you use a dark brown, your colour will change.

      Shoe Polish: More for covering blemishes and waterproofing than giving colour. I tend to apply cream, then polish afterwards. You can get neutral to avoid any colour differences, again it can slightly change colour.

      Application: for cream I use horsehair dauber brush(small circle one), polish I use a cloth as the horsehair dauber makes little balls and doesn't get enough friction to apply. There are MANY various techniques to apply; water or no water etc. Youtube is great for that. Get a few different cloths for different colours(for the future) the AE flannel ones are "ok" but leave fuzz I find, I'd prefer a regular cotton cloth.

      "Shine Brush": get one you can hold with thumb on one size, pinky on other and flick wrist back and forth. Also get different ones for different colours.

      Heel dressing: Meh to that I say, I have it, don't notice it making a difference, apply some leather cleaner.

      Regarding winter, if you get any salt on shoes, wipe it off & leather conditioner/cleaner

      Total estimated cost:

      Lexol Big:$14


        If you want 'the best' check out Saphir products. The Hanger Project is a great site for clothing/shoe care accessories.


          I'm not sold on how Saphir is the best, they just say "Widely consider to be the best polish in the world" but it's the same ingredients as everywhere else just put a lot of TLC into some decent polish and I'm sure you will be good.

          Hanger project does have some beautiful hangers though, I've debated a few times on them heh.