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Where to find a decent khaki/off white vest?

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    Where to find a decent khaki/off white vest?

    Hi all, a while back I was able to find this Express suit& pants for pretty cheap

    I think the suit and pants were both on clearance and i got them both for under $100. However i was unable to find the matching vest for it, and they have since discontinued that particular style. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on where I could purchase a similar vest, for a reasonable price?


    WoW finding the matching vest, or even a similar vest sounds like a very difficult task to accomplish correctly. You may be better off finding a different color vest that could be used with that suit than try and find an exact color/texture match to go with the suit.



      Agree with Tat, I think finding a match will be a challenge. If you get the color and/or texture off it will be noticeable.

      I know you said reasonable price, so I assume getting one made in a matching fabric (assuming you can find it) is out? You could also try tuxedo rental stores (Al's Formal Wear, Men's Wearhouse, etc). They carry custom order vests (among other accessories) to match bridesmaid dresses from some of the major bridal stores. I assume you've setup searches on eBay to email you if a vest / 3-piece suit is posted? I searched now and found the same two piece on eBay for $85. You may get lucky and land a 3-piece that you can turn around and resell, keeping the vest (and adding some tailoring since it probably won't be your size). Also not a reasonable cost option.

      I agree with Tat, I think your best bet is to find something that is a complimentary color but obviously different so it doesn't look like you tried to match unsuccessfully.

      My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



        I would bring the suit to a tailor or men's custom shop. Chances are they can match the fabric closely and build a new vest from scratch.

        If you don't go the bespoke route, it just becomes a crap shoot with low odds.

        Or try calling Express corporate offices, they might be able to help.