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Anybody want to buy my $400 Bonobos store credit at discount?

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    Anybody want to buy my $400 Bonobos store credit at discount?

    If this is an improper post, I'm sure it'll be taken down, but ...

    I've looked at Bonobos stuff for months now and haven't found anything I want to buy with my $400 in store credit, so even w/ the 50% sale coming up, I'm zip out of luck. That being the case, anybody want to buy my $400 worth of store credits via Paypal for $350? I can send it to you as a gift certificate, no sweat.



    You're overcharging.

    It's safe to assumed you accrued most or all of that credit through referrals and/or $X for $2X deals.

    Plus the upcoming discount only applies to the first $250 in goods.

    $200-250 would be a more reasonable price.

    Then again, you can say "whatever the market will bear," but this isn't much of a market for profiteerig.



      Flipper, I'd be interested at the 50% discount at which you purchased the credit. i.e. $200.



        i see what you mean about maybe overcharging. i mean, you're right, i did get all that money from referrals. otoh, is how i got it the point? $400 is $400, and $350 is $50 less. Well, okay, whatever, i'm a reasonable man. i won't sell 400 for 200, but i will sell 400 for 300. anything less than that and i'll hang onto it in case bonobos ever gets anything i want.

        let me know!



          Flipper, I'm not sure how to contact you, but I am actually interested. I wasn't just being a smart ass.




            i'd be interested if youre willing to sell it for $225. anything more it'd be better to wait for a x for 2x deal like charles said.



              bruschetta: you can reach me at [email protected].