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    I just wanted to get everyones opinion on Express Jeans. I have a pair (had them for about a year or so) and they have become phenominal. My favorite pair of jeans that I've ever owned. The color has faded a little over time, but besides that they are awesome. Anybody else have a pair, and any opinions?
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    I haven't bought a pair for a few years as they fell apart in my experience. Sounds like you are having better luck. They had one fit that I really liked and wasn't embellished with weird Express logos or anything. But when Levi's can be had for $30, I just don't find Express worth it.
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      I can't speak for the men's jeans, but Mrs. Styles got a thrifted pair and loves them. Totally happy with them.


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        Aside from Levi's, anything with a logo or significant logo stitching on the back pockets are a no go. In addition the price of express jeans are way too much. You can get better quality for cheaper prices elsewhere.
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          I have 2 pair of Rocco slim's, and they are holding up just fine. I do not like the stitching on the back either, however the cut fits my body shape really well, so i will likely purchase another pair. On sale+ coupons, they come around $40, I think that is not horrible price for a pair of solid jeans.


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            I owned two pairs in the past and have recently tried some on in stores. The Rocco slims fit much like Levi 513's. The quality seemed to be comparable. However, I passed on them as I didn't care for the stitching. The pairs I owned in the past lasted 5 years before I tossed them. The jeans were still wearable, but I decided to switch to a slimmer cut.