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Military Jacket + Wool "Car Coats"

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    Military Jacket + Wool "Car Coats"

    So, I know that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really like nice military jackets. They're like leather jackets without the cache of "oooo, he's wearing a leather jacket," and without the price tag, too. Anyone know of a relatively reasonable slim fitting one?

    Also, anyone know of any alternatives to

    like, anything even remotely like it? It's gorgeous, I'm just not an XXXXXXL.

    Or even something like:

    Well, if you spend enough time surfing through various army/navy surplus sites (or brick and mortar stores if you're fortunate enough to have some near you) you'll probably find more than a few that you'll like the style of. Most will probably need to be tailored if you want a slim fit though, because of course, the military is looking to clothe as many diverse body types as possible with as few standard sizes as possible.

    I was fortunate enough to inherit one from a family friend who was giving away his pieces when the Army updated their camo several years back.


      I'm not sure that people actually think that about leather jackets...

      Either way, I picked up this during the last BB 25% off sale:

      So far, no complaints.


        I got that jacket a month or two ago and absolutely love it (especially if you are in a colder area). The jacket is very fitted and looks great. It's crazy that their stock has gone down so quickly. Here's another site I saw that had it when I was looking, they are out of mediums now but still have smalls and larges.

        They appear to have some mediums in stock here:
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          I like military jackets and wool coats; Express has some that might fit a tighter budget.