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Frank and Oaks new United Tailors line

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    Frank and Oaks new United Tailors line

    F&O started out saying everything on their site was going to be $50 or less. Then they started coming out with blazers at $125. Now they have created a higher end line with $195 blazers, $75 shirts, $95 sweaters and pretty much everything else $50 or higher. Between this and the fact that processing a return requires over 2 weeks (and even then I have to email them about it), I am done with them. I just need to spend the remaining $175 of store credit there and then walk away.

    What are your thoughts on their new line? Would you be willing to spend $360 on a suit from an online only company that takes forever to process a return. And even then it's for store credit and not an actual refund?

    Beat me to it. Wasn't impressed. The original F & O business model was nice. Decent stuff for $50 or less, the fit was good. All in all something a lot of us could get behind. But I agree, they get further and further away from that. Customer service isn't great, extremely limited stock (I once ordered a shirt within hours of the new monthly e-mail, it wasn't processed for 5 days and by then there was no stock.)

    There are way too many places that produce similar clothing. New line is okay but nothing special.
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