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What shoes to wear with a charcoal colored suit?

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    What shoes to wear with a charcoal colored suit?

    Hey everyone I think this may be an easy one for some...

    I bought a suit from Suitsupply here in NYC. It's a gorgeous charcoal winter wool suit.

    The salesman really sold me on wearing purple with the suit. Purple shirt, purple pocket square and yes even purple socks.

    But my real question is I wanted to know what kind of shoes should I wear. I'd like to go with a brown, but he said you can't use any kind of brown shoe.

    So what shoes do you guys wear with your Charcoal colored suits?


    Need to go with black shoes. Also I don't suggest the triple purple. Where with a white shirt.



      I agree, don't go triple purple. purple is nice, but not like that.

      You should wear black shoes, but you can wear brown if you can pull them off. but if you could you wouldn't be asking us. black is tried and true



        Ok maybe I won't go triple purple. Probably purple shirt, white pocket square and purple socks.

        I guess I'm going with the Black shoes. I kinda wanted to wear brown ones.

        Thanks fellas.



          Agree with bremersm: Black shoes with a charcoal suit. If it was a lighter grey I would do a brown shoe. IE, this shade of gray or lighter:

          As a general rule, I usually don't match dominant colors, IE, if my shirt is purple, I won't have an all purple tie, and socks, and pocket square, etc. With a lavender shirt I would have one, max two purple accessories (either purple tie, OR purple PS and socks). Avoid matching PS to tie.

          For easy matching, I look to tie patterns for inspiration to pick colors that go together. In some of the examples below I use two colors, some three. The three is out there so if you're not comfortable you can easily start with two:

          Looking at this tie, I would pair a white shirt, solid purple tie, blue socks, white PS

 yPages%2FPurple_Ties.asp&pg=0&categoryIds=31,70&op tionValueIds=

          Mixing the colors up based on this tie, I would pick a lavender shirt, solid light gold tie, blue socks & blue PS

 yPages%2FPurple_Ties.asp&pg=1&categoryIds=31,70&op tionValueIds=

          Or, getting crazy now, a white shirt, solid green tie, pink pocket square and socks.

 yPages%2FPurple_Ties.asp&pg=2&categoryIds=31,70&op tionValueIds=

          Where I say "solid tie" I would also wear a striped, plaid, or textured tie, providing all the colors in the tie are in the same color family (ie all green, blue, etc). If I wore one of the ties above, then I would keep the rest of the outfit toned down.

          I would rock this tie with a white shirt, pink or purple socks and a pink or white ps.

 yPages%2FPurple_Ties.asp&pg=2&categoryIds=31,70&op tionValueIds=

          But that's just my POV, I'm sure the rest of the guys here have their own style. It wouldn't surprise me if MaxMan or Albert can pull off 3+ colors; I'm certainly not at the point where I can match colors that well.

          My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



            Hey Yacko I appreciate your in depth post.

            I was never going to go ALL purple. Tie included.

            Heres what I was suggested.



            Black Tie:

   yPages%2FAll_Ties%2Easp&pg=1&categoryIds=31,67,20& optionValueIds=

            White Pocket Square:

   ges%2FCotton_Pocket_Squares%2Easp&pg=14&categoryId s=47&optionValueIds=

            And the socks would match the shirt, because with the suit the socks would show a little.



              My suit looks like this btw:




                Well, that's not all the way charcoal... and the model in the picture is wearing brown boots. If you want to go brown you certainly can. I pair purple and brown myself and I think it looks nice.



                  I am all for the black, its safe its classic its boring. I would certainly wear black, but a pair of dark brown would work just as well. The suit is a canvas and the brown shoes are great looking to compliment it. I know all the rules say charcoal go black but i would make an exception with a dark brown.

                  Edit: just saw the OP suit, and I DEF would go dark brown. The cut and silhouette of the suit is on point. Look at his shoes. and the Shirt you chose "nice", i would have worn a lighter one but that will def do. Tie is cool since the brown shoes and lavender shirt are statement pieces.

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                    @Vinny, that works. nice suit btw, I love new suits



                      Yeah I think I'm going to go back to the store and see which shoe they recommend with the suit.

                      And thanks Ben, suit shopping is a great feeling.

                      Btw if anyone is in New York, I highly recommend Suitsupply. The salesman are really cool, they know what they're talking about. Even though they're geared to selling you a suit, they will make sure you look the best in what you're buying.



                        i would go brown even with a charcoal suit, since charcoal's base color is grey. black shoes on a charcoal suit can sometimes make the charcoal appear lighter than it is, resulting in a level of contrast that i don't personally find flattering. brown with gray is a pretty classic pairing that you can play off of with a charcoal instead.



                          I'm not sold on that shirt (if you are white). I think a purple that dark would make me washed out with a dark tie and a charcoal suit. If you want to wear dark ties, look for something a bit lighter. Also, the collar is spread so it will be tough to pull off with the skinny tie you posted. It does have a great texture, but I'm not feeling charcoal suit + spread collar purple shirt + skinny black tie.

                          Lighter shirt or lighter suit and you'd be fine.

                          Just my opinion.