So I emailed Black Lapel about a navy tux with black shawl...YUP!

Apparently their founder did it (wonder why), the blue isn't as bright as the promotion pictures though but I think those were touched up as the movie it was VERY subtle change.

WELL my black friday lineup may have changed now.

Was considering Vincero Indochino 3 piece if they had a sale BF/CM (or maybe 2 lower quality ones but I think I should pay more, the very respected tailor in my city with MANY good recommendations said the BL jacket was very well done compared to any of the Indochino ones he's seen which I'm guessing are the cheaper ones so that's expected)

Then Dragon Inside out of UK was mentioned and they apparently sell full canvased suits for around $400 so I was wondering if I should try them.

And now I have a masqurade for new years...