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Alternative to Bonobos chinos - Asket and Bird Dogs

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    Alternative to Bonobos chinos - Asket and Bird Dogs

    I've been wearing Bonobos washed chinos for years. They are my go to pants, and I wear them all the time. I will say quality seemed to go down hill a bit after Walmart purchased them. My last batch of chinos while all the same size might as all been different sizes. I dealt with with it since they were a good enough price. Now Bonobos has decided that the washed chinos won't be included in sales anymore. At $100 a pop, I feel like you start to hit a different, nicer tier. *I had tried their new Washed 2.0 chinos when they first came out - with a 20% code by using my work email - because I needed some new pants. I hated them and returned them.

    I like the their Tailored fit, so I've been trying to find some options with similar measurements. On the higher end side, Asket seems to be high quality and their A fit seems to be almost the same as Bonobos tailored fit - They are expensive at $160 per, but I wonder if they are noticeably higher quality than Bonobos. Any one have experience with these?

    On the other side, what about Bird Dogs? In theory, it seems like a good 'weekend' pant with the stretch, but I could also see them feeling/looking like golf pants. Their bro'ed out commercials make me think they might be a little weird too. I'm halfway thinking of trying their navy ones (I think they are navy. Why do they have to use stupid names...) - - without the underwear liner (I really don't get that). Any one have experience with Bird Dogs?

    There’s tons to choose from in that range….Flint and Tinder from Huckberry (might have to wait for a restock) and Billy Reid both come to mind and I can vouch for their quality. Haven’t tried Todd Snyder’s pants, but his tops are super high quality.