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Willing to Pay $120-140 for Unlined LL Bean Boots?!?!

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    Willing to Pay $120-140 for Unlined LL Bean Boots?!?!

    The post today with boot style caught my eye when I saw the price of Bean Boots. I live near one of their outlets and regularly have seen their unlined versions for under $100. I purchased the 8” unlined pair for $60 a few years back and saw the same price this past summer when I stopped in. The only obvious catch is that this is an outlet location so styles and sizing are scattered and it’s really hit or miss, but if at least a couple of you are in the market for these $120+ boots I’d be willing to try and work with you to go swing by and see what they have in stock, at what price, and see if we can all get a win-win out of it. It just seems absurd that there’s THAT big of a price gap between the prices I’ve routinely seen and the sticker price online, unless they went that extreme on claiming supply chain cost increases.

    Just off the top of my head shipping would probably run $20 via USPS so the gap would need to be large enough, verified, as well as obviously matching up sizing and style.

    Is anyone in the market for bean boots?

    LL Bean outlets always have gear at much lower prices. It's returned stuff, etc. I've scored some great deals at their outlets. Really, I think it comes down to intended usage though. If someone wants to use their Bean boots for warm weather, more like rain boots, this might be a good option. But if you live in cold climates and intend to use them as actual winter boots, the unlined versions probably are not going to cut it. Hailing from the NH/ME area, (i.e. Bean Country), I've seen tons of unlined boots in their local outlet stores over the years for good prices. I've always resisted getting a pair though because I want them for the winter. So I'm going to end up just buying a lined and insulated pair at 'regular' prices. No big deal, they're still worth it.