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Help me style this denim shirt

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    Help me style this denim shirt

    I'm turning to the wisdom of the Dappered threads to help with ideas on how to wear this denim shirt. I bought it last year on final sale and it has sat in my closet unworn. That is mostly due to Covid and not needing to wear anything beyond a t-shirt and sweatshirt last winter but also because its more dressy than I anticipated. I have several chambray shirts that are my go to for casual button ups. This one thought I struggle to wear in casual outfits. I just pulled it out of winter storage and want to give it another try. I'm interested to get everyone's opinion on what to pair with it. Can it be worn in a business casual setting? What are your thoughts on ways to dress it down?

    Originally posted by Geo View Post
    its more dressy than I anticipated.
    It is a nice one.

    In my business casual work environment, I would wear this with a mid-grey or light-grey suit, sans tie. Maybe a wool tie in navy would be appropriate.

    It would probably be pretty nice with khakis, grey chinos, or similar pants, and then with loafers. It's a pretty nice shirt, so maybe black loafers and a black belt would be more slick than say suede loafers. That being said, this shirt with off-white chinos and desert boots would look pretty nice.

    If I had a pair of jeans that was almost equally nice, but a different blue, I would wear the two of those things together. With brown leather boots.

    Great looking shirt!


      I think it would look great with chinos or cords (or casual wool trousers) and a tweed jacket
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        andrewrg Those are good suggestions. The first outfit sounds nice but I don't own any mid or light gray suits or sport coats. No one in my office wears suits, sport coats or ties. I'm one of the few that wears wool trousers. Needless to say I don't have much need for a mid or light grey suit. I did have a gray tweed sport coat but just sold it last month because it also saw no wear. I tried the shirt with khaki chinos but it looks strange. Like something is missing. It needs something like a chunky sweater to balance out the look. I'm totally on board with denim on denim. I do it all the time with other shirts but I just don't own any jeans with enough contrast to make it work.

        Loafer28 Thanks for the articles. They all offered some great advice. My only problem is the shirts they're talking about are lighter shades of denim. I think the lighter denim shirts are more versatile and easier to work with. I don't have this problem with any of the lighter shade chambray shirts I own. This shirt from Todd Snyder was the shirt I really wanted but didn't want to spend $170. I though the Bonobos shirt was similar enough but its definitely more formal with the french packet and tonal stitching. Its also darker IRL then pictured on the Bonobos site.

        mark4 That's probably how I'll wear it although I'll swap out the jacket for a sweater.


          I’m thinking either black or mid-to-light gray jeans. Maybe cords. It would it would look good with a light olive or sage green pants too. I also think that shirt would work well under a vest. I’d throw it under my Filson, but that’s not a look everyone is comfortable with unless they’re auditioning for a guest spot on Peaky Blinders. Something like a slim puffer would cut a more modern vibe. It’d look nice with a Barbour vest too, or jacket for that matter.