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    some *other* JCP boots

    Hey fellas, based on the love that many of you show for the Stafford wingtip boots at JCP, I decided to check them out in person. Very nice, for sure. May have to grab them before they are .... discontinued? Really? Maybe just low on stock. Dunno.

    Anyway, while I was there I noticed some *work* boots, that reminded me of a Red Wing-ish boot. I have been wanting to check out some RWs in person, but the RW shop by me only has *work-work* boots, like mostly steel-toe jobbers. The salesman got all wide-eyed when I uttered the words Iron Rangers and Beckman in the same sentence. He even said, "you'll have to pay *top-dollar* for those!"

    OK, back to the matter at hand. The boot(s) I saw at JCP reminded me of a few "for J.Crew" offerings, but of course not anywhere *top-dollar*, and surely not anywhere near RW quality. Still, anybody check these bad boys out? The first one is the St. John's Bay Rappel:

    Which reminded me a little of this fella:

    Especially from the top view:



    Not identical, but close, no?

    For a mere $55, I'm thinking they might be worth a try.

    Whadd'ya think?

    Not too bad...
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      Right, Sigtweed? I mean, cosmetically, they work. I do fear the quality and the reliability, though.

      I did find another Red Wing location - this one right near my work office - which do carry some of the Heritage line in stock. I tried on some Iron Rangers (8111) and some Moc Toes (875), so now I know what to compare to if/when I audition some of these cheapies. Of course, the RWs felt awesome; especially the Moc Toes. Well, I mean they felt *better* than the Rangers, but the Rangers felt more substantial... if that makes sense. Anyway, the manager of the shop told me he'd match any online price I found, since you weren't "supposed to be able to get RWs online," as he put it. Sounds good to me. Just not sure if I'm ready to pull the trigger on those prices... yet. So, on to JCP to see if I can get by this year with the $55 options.


        If you get a year or two out of something like that, i say it's a win. There's a lot of discussion on this forum about quality and length of wear but I think people's expectations have become so out of whack with regards to the price/wear ratio...
        "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius


          I tried on the JCP boots. They're fine. Size down 1/2 a size. They should make good beater boots. Doesn't have the heft of RW and won't last nearly as long, but if you're looking for something relatively rugged for hiking, etc. you could do worse.


            Thanks fellas for the feedback on these. I decided to hold off on them for now, as they felt a bit weird at the ankle on me. Maybe I was just over-thinking them. Dunno, but they felt a little odd there.

            Regardless, I *did* decide to go with the Stafford Camlin (cognac wingtip boot) as well as the Stafford Cutter (*very* dark-brown cap-toe boot). They are both very nice.

            As we probably all know by now, sizing on this line is totally WHACK. Just to add to reference points on potentially how to size them, I normally wear 11.5 or 12. I was recently sized at a Red Wing shop at 11.5, but was fitted with an 11 in their moc-toe boot - FYI. I was told by the Red Wing expert/salesman that they run as such, 0.5 size big. He measures the exact same and wears the 11 in those too.

            That being said, regarding these Staffords, I went with an 11 in the Cutter, and for the Camlin I am wearing (yes, *right* now) a 10! Weiiiiirrrrrrrd.

            I plan to wear thinner (normal, like say the typical Merona argyle thickness) to mid-weight socks with the Cutter, so those fit accordingly.

            For the Camlin, I *auditioned* them with the thinner socks, mid-weight socks, and with some thick Woolrich winter socks, as I plan to get some serious cold-weather wear from these bad boys. The 10 was the best fit for the mid to thicker socks. With the thinner socks on, I slide a little bit in these. Weird that I even tried on a 9.5 in the Camlin, and the length was fine, just a little too tight across the top. That's 2.5 sizes down from some of my other shoes/boots. Wow. In the end, went with the 10 in the Camlin, and will have to avoid thin socks with them, I guess.

            Just some personal experience with them to add to the pile of praise. So far, I'd say they deserve it!
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              BTW, if you're on the fence with the purchase of the Stafford wingtip boots (Camlin), I have to add that I worked 'em over last night with some Mink Oil, and wearing them today I can't stop looking down at them. They really do look so much more rich than their price tag would tell you. I even got two compliments at JCP by other customers, as I was trying them on. LOL - Maybe they were planted there by the store to help sales. Conspiracy...?


                Looks like the sales associate that told me the boots were going to be discontinued had false info (which is good for the Dappered readers that haven't gotten their hands on them). I haven't been to my local JCP in a while so I have no idea if they're back in stock there, but I've seen the Cutters and have been considering them as a less flashy beater boot for the winter months.


                  Stopped at JCP tonight. The Stafford Cutters are on clearance for $36 (regularly $60). I got mine back a while, for $48, which I thought was a steal. For $36.... No brainer, IMO.


                    Never heard of the brand, but these are simple and sharp...



                      Doesn't look too bad for the price but: "CALL IT SPRING IS AN ALDO GROUP BRAND"
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                        Ya I'd stay away from Call it Spring. They have some decent designs but the quality is pretty terrible from the ones that I've checked out--even in relation Stafford shoes and boots. They're also going to generally be man-made materials on much if not all of the shoe.


                          *Also* necro'ing this thread, in case any of y'all following it are interested in the even lower clearance prices at JCP.

                          I recently did finally snag these boots (St. John's Bay Rappel), and am wearing them today:


                          While posting the WIWT pic, I recalled some of our discussion on them here in the forums.

                          They are now down to $20 (in-store, at least) at JCP, and with the 20% off and a $10 off of $50 combo, I couldn't pass them up. In the end they cost me < $13. They don't feel like they'll last forever, but they looks VERY much like the Fryes I saw at Nordstrom Rack a couple months back.

                          In summary, for $12 and some change?... no-brainer.


                            None at my JCP. =(

                            Grab me a pair! lol


                              Anyone know anything about these:


                              St Johns Bay "Clay"

                              Money is tight and I need a pair of boots. I'd prefer something I could dress up or dress down, but options are limited.