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    in Today's Dapper Space

    does this go in the "Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Etc" category?
    maybe it falls under "Etc"?

    OneLogFire Marshmallow Roasting Set – $50

    Thinking about this gizmo at my house as currently populated reminds me of my growing up experience with fishing - 5 brothers & 1 fishing pool. Neither is/was the relaxing experience most envision. I enjoyed the chuckle...

    Agreed. I don't think that log thing would work for more than two people. Could be a cute date thing. I could envision dragging it along on a fall picnic after apple picking or something like that. At home, one of the bigger logs you can get at Home Depot would work better.

    BTW, if you hated fishing with your brothers, try fishing with kids sometime. Might as well say "let's go untangle fishing lines tomorrow morning". So much fun! I love my kids, but...