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My Aero Leather Jacket is Here!

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    My Aero Leather Jacket is Here!

    I'll give this its own thread. For the backstory check out my previous thread:

    The tl:dr is I wanted a leather jacket, had a disappointing experience with another brand, then went all in on a custom Aero 1930's Halfbelt through Thurston Bros.

    The jacket was ordered in brown Horween Chromexcel front quarter horsehide, with an olive cotton drill lining, horn buttons, antique bronze hardware and olive stitching throughout. I also asked for the addition of a 6x6" patch pocket on the inside for throwing a phone or Kindle in. After many months of waiting, the jacket arrived about 2 weeks ago.

    It is absolutely beautiful. The build is fantastic. All of the details are just right. It smells AMAZING. And, most importantly, it fits well. Carrie at Thurston Bros did a fantastic job walking me through the order process, options, sizing recommendations, etc... It is due to her that the fit is as good as it is. Aero sizing is complicated and varies sometimes significantly from one model to another but Carrie cut through all of that.

    The jacket currently wears like a suit of armor due to the heavyweight FQHH leather but it will break in with wear.

    Here are some pics!


    And some poor fit pics taken via mirror:

    Time will tell, but my initial impression is that I'll be handing this jacket down to my children. For the most significant clothing investment I've made thus far, I'm extremely happy with the result and highly recommend Aero and Thurston Bros for anyone else considering an heirloom-worthy leather jacket.

    Your house betrays the source of your leather, lining and hardware colour choices.

    Fit looks good, though even from the photos it's apparent the leather's still new and stiff. It took my bull hide jacket six months of constant wear to fully break in, even with regular conditioning. I apologize, can't recall if you'd mentioned in the other thread previously owning a leather jacket, but this sort of heavy leather does need that attention to retain its flexibility over the years.

    The extra-large interior pocket's a smart touch, I'll have to remember that if I do a custom piece.

    Overall, looks like an impressive piece. Gotta love mens fashions changing slowly enough that we can buy such investment pieces and wear them for decades.


      Looks like maybe Google is being a pain about the photos. Here is a link in case they aren't showing up: