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Important tips to keep in Mind to Protest Your Rolex

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    Important tips to keep in Mind to Protest Your Rolex

    Four Important things you must do to protest your Rolex

    Don't Forget Regular Service Visit

    2. Avoid Hot Steamy Situation

    3. Don't Forget to Clean your Rolex Daily

    4. Protect Your Bracelet, Protect Your Investment

    This is a very strange post. Unfortunately, I'm not that much of a watch guy/don't know that much about watches, so I can't even make a joke about what it would mean to "protest" a watch.
    Also, if owning a Rolex watch means "avoiding heat steamy situations"--no way! That's my favorite kind of situation.


      Or Buy the Omega Seamaster (or a Seiko Prospex) and have a nice holiday!!!

      You knew what you were buying, sell it at a profit and move on


        Ah, I see what happened. I believe the OP meant "PROTECT." When I read it that way, it makes perfect sense, though I've always hoped that my Rolex would LEAD to a steamy situation.

        Now, if it truly was PROTEST... well, my watch, which happened to be my granddad's, has done nothing to deserve protest. Though it was looking at me funny the other day. Maybe I should start organizing a march, just to be safe.