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Aviator sunglasses recommendations?

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    I've had a pair of Ray Ban Cockpits for 7 or 8 years and they've been fantastic. A little smaller than their standard aviators (they don't drop as low), which works well for me.


      A few things to note about the military spec pilot sunglasses like AO/Randolph, the bayonet style is great for motorcycle helmets etc/ also if you have problems with conventional curved arms being too short it may help!!!!

      The originals have real glass lenses which are heavier but have better clarity for driving etc

      Polarized lenses are good on open water/many modern aircraft and high end cars already have Polarized windscreens which is why they don't recommend Polarized lenses for pilots (along with problems viewing screens and monitors in planes/vehicles)

      They originally aren't really a "style" they are built to a military uniform specification which is why both brands are very similar in design and are relatively low in cost for the quality

      They were issued by NASA and went to The moon (American Optical)

      Travis Bickle wears them in "Taxi Driver"!!!


        A little late to the game here but just realized Spier & Mackay has aviators with a bunch of frame and lense combinations. No personal experience but S&M products tend to punch above their weight when it comes to quality and price.