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Tie color/patterns for interview?

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    Tie color/patterns for interview?

    Recently, I was absolutely awestruck by the Charvet textured "leaves" silk tie featured on both Saks and Neiman Marcus. Starting fresh in a junior position at a IB firm, I figured it is time to refresh my Linkedin profile picture.

    Although many insist on solid-plain ties, I feel that Charvet's leaves silk tie could be a fit. Unfortunately, I am stuck between choosing from two different colors: (I figure it's better to just include pictures). While they are both blue, one of the ties appears to have more of a purple hue, while the other has a dark blue with the slightest of a teal hue.

    Would it be appropriate to wear either of the two to a job interview? If so, which of the two is the "better" shade.

    Also, would you say the same for a Linkedin headshot picture?

    (Will be worn as a half windsor with navy suit and black cap-toe oxfords)

    Uploaded picture(s) via link: Ties side by side No flash Side by side w/ flash Blue tie Purple tie Purple tie with Navy Suit blue tie and dress shirt

    I like the purple tie myself, you look like a banker. If this is an interview, or a headshot, I would think you'd want something that makes you feel confident, something that simultaneously looks put together and then fades out of focus for the interviewers, so they can focus on your and your personal capital.
    As for the actual color of the tie, I think between those, you might be splitting hairs, but I think the blue vs the navy suit falls into the "close, but not close enough" to where it looks like it was meant to match, but didn't. Purple has enough contrast to look purposeful, IMO. Both pretty nice ties, though, and nice pattern!
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      Both look fine to me. Pick the one you like best. Now, I'm not a hiring expert or anything, but I did attend the US Army TAP class and successfully got a job after my tank days were over. So I've got that going for me. Or something. Menswear websites LOVE to post about wearing this or that for interviews or wear the blue tie to show you are friendly and wear the red tie to project confidence and all that stuff. Honestly, I have never ever heard of anyone bombing an interview because they wore the wrong tie. Maybe there's someone out there on the edges, if they wore a tie that was particularly outlandish or offensive. They wore a Red Sox-themed tie in New York or a fish tie to interview at PETA. Or whatever. But I'm going to venture that 99.9% of the time, no one cares what your tie looks like as long as you know your stuff. Have your elevator pitch down. Know why you want the job. Speak confidently about your skills and experience and what you'll bring to the team. All the stuff they teach you in the job prep seminar. Conversely, you could have the most awesome tie in the world, but unless you're interviewing for a tie designer position, it won't matter a hill of beans if you fumble through the interview or don't have the skills/experience for the job. Getting back to the dressing part, I think the most important thing about putting on the suit and tie is that it makes you look and feel like a pro. THAT will help you in the interview. If you like the Charvet tie because you think it makes you look like a million bucks better than any other tie, that's valuable. Anyway, good luck with the job hunt!


        I prefer the blue tie for an interview--I really like it. But both are appropriate in my opinion.