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    Another Wedding Attire Thread

    I have appreciated seeing these as more gatherings have occurred this spring/summer. Nice that people are getting together and dressing well again!

    Afternoon ceremony in August in Montana. The dress code recommendation: "Do we really care? Not too much. For the sake of balancing comfort and fashion, dressy casual seems like an awesome way to go!"

    ...I had no idea "dressy casual" was an accepted/understood term in the wedding world. I appreciate the attempt to be low-stress and accommodating, but feel like this leaves room for confusion/frustration.

    A casual blazer, chinos, and loafers would probably leave me a little more on the overdressed side, which would be fine, if a bit boring.

    However, knowing the bride and groom, location, etc., (the day-after brunch is whitewater rafting, if that's any indication), I feel like I could also show up in my Prana hiking pants and a technical western snap shirt and still be in the neighborhood of what they're going for.

    Due to the ambiguity, I feel like I have some latitude to do something a little out there/different, which might be fun. I'm normally quite conservative and stick to staple menswear colors/patterns. But maybe a loud patterned shirt under a blazer? Nice light wash jeans? Chacos with my chinos??? Thoughts/recommendations/outlandish suggestions welcomed.

    If a blazer might be a bit much, you could wear the trousers and vest only from a linen suit. I do this frequently in hot weather. I usually wear a french cuff shirt with a silk tie but you could easily dress down from that if you wish...


      I have no idea what the weather is like in Montana in August. Hot? Maybe a dark aloha shirt under a navy cotton blazer with white/off white chinos? Minimalist white sneakers? Or just a light colored linen button down (LCBD?) and light/white chinos. Get the fit great, since there are fewer garments involved.
      Warm but not hot? Chambray shirt with a button down collar and trousers? With penny loafers. Lots of potential clashing, but hey it's "dressy causal." Too much clashing for your taste? Swap the trousers for cotton dress pants or chinos.


        I agree that the ambiguous dress code actually makes this more confusing. Nonetheless, I've always wanted to try a dressy field / safari jacket to replace a blazer, so that could work here. Trousers, shirt, loafers, then the field / safari jacket layered on top. I envision something like this:


          Check out the main page article today about how to dress up without dressing up. I think you might find an idea or two there. I personally feel very comfortable wearing an unstructured sport coat to almost any day time summer event.


            They said they don’t really care, so I wouldn’t worry too much. As long as youve got a blazer in the equation you’re good to go.
            Blazer, camp shirt/Hawaiian shirt/pattern shirt/polo, chinos, and I dig the chacos idea!


              Thanks all!

              I do think I'll probably go with some form of a super-casual blazer. I have a couple, but none that I really like. A little tempted by this J Crew chore coat which is down to $48, but not sure when else I'd wear it:

              That, with a chambray shirt and khaki chinos could look good. But also silly and uncomfortable if it's 100 degrees... been a warm summer out west (and everywhere) so far.

              Also looking at bonobos riviera-type shirts. Polos too. Never been a polo guy and actually don't own a single one, but this might be a good opportunity to try one out.