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The best compliment ever? Thanks to Dappered . . .

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    Originally posted by JT10000 View Post
    Even small compliments are memorable, particularly if they're from attractive women. I've gotten "nice shoes" about nice but not expensive brown dress shoes (Cole Haan I think), and "I wish my husband wore shoes like that" about a sleek pair of blue loafers.

    Also various comments on my "scarf game" recently on Zoom calls. A few years ago I got "You smell good" and then "JT10000 always smells good" from two women half my age. "Seesucker - nice" (actually it was cordlane, but I'll take it).

    Yeah - in a lot of situations it's not hard for a guy to rise way above average. I'm in a slightly dressier field than health care, but still it's not hard - nice shoes, clothes that fit, a blazer. I've been doing scarves recently and women really seem to dig it.
    I'll take the compliments from any gender. I'm a sucker for flattery


      I keep getting complimented on my hat, a rather worn-in, but perhaps stylishly shaped, linen flat cap. I don't know it that means the hat looks really good or the rest of my outfit is really bad, but I guess I'll take it. I don't think flat caps are necessarily a Dappered thing, but I like to think its a good upgrade from a baseball cap, akin to wearing nice shoes instead of sneakers.