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Fixing Peeling Print on Zara Sweatshirt?

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    Fixing Peeling Print on Zara Sweatshirt?

    So I've got a new zara sweatshirt, and after hand washing it once (done according to the label's instructions), the print on the back is peeling off.

    I've already tried using a press and wax paper, but it peels off after a few hours. Do you guys know of any other way to fix this? Would rly appreciate it as its my favourite sweatshirt.

    I've also considered stitching the print on w cream threads, but idk how that would look considering the black text is supposed to be an overlay over the print.

    That's definitely a manufacturing defect, and considering how cleanly it appears to be peeling off the store would have a hard time claiming it's due to wear or damaging washing. Even if it's past the normal return window you should be able to take it back for an exchange. It's likely your jurisdiction has laws on implied warranties that goods are of merchantable quality (as in they are suitable for the purpose for which they are purchased), the store would likely do it on good will.