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What is the deal with all white sneakers?

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    Originally posted by MediumTex View Post

    The all-black leather sneakers remind me too much of waiter shoes. Not that there's anything wrong with being a waiter, but I associate that look with pure function and no fashion. But hey, that's just me. I'm definitely down with canvas sneakers in different colors. But all of the ones I have come with white toe caps and white, uh, sides (whitewalls?) so it's not exactly ALL one color. I've got black PF Flyers and navy Jack Purcells that I wear quite a bit. You know, when I'm not wearing my adidas nurse shoes!
    I worked in the food service industry for like 15 years and have the same association. I tried some all black vans the other day and took them right off. My daughter was like "what, they look good?" I said no. I cant do it.


      Originally posted by Hemsprong View Post
      Why do some men's style blogs promote all white sneakers (ie. Stan Smiths, etc.)? To me they look like nurses shoes from the 1950s or something cheerleaders wore in the 80s. They would seem to get dirty pretty quickly, and at best they look like something your dad wore with acid wash jeans. Seriously, I don't get it -- could someone explain the appeal?
      I'm a fan of white. I think you can definitely get into other colors, etc....but I can't do black anymore, unless they are strictly for something like running, wearing to the gym, etc. Something about black makes me feel like I'm working in the kitchen at a pizza joint. I have grown to prefer white...but I rarely go completely white. Right now my favorite sneakers are (these are all Nike) :

      White Killshot 2 (with navy swoosh and some navy lettering, etc)
      White Blazer lowtop (with green swoosh/lettering)
      White Cortez (with red and navy)
      White Jordan 1 lowtops, with some light grey (swoosh, etc) to offset the white a bit

      I think white just goes with anything - jeans, shorts, chinos, whatever...but I like a little pop of color versus ALL white. If I'm getting into sneakers with some color...I usually stick with jeans. I have some grey lowtop chucks, some navy blue Saucony's...some stuff like that...I'll always wear with jeans, pretty much.

      If you want to check out someone with some good sneaker game...go look up Jason Sudeikis and look how he rocks his sneakers....he seems to be able to pull off about anything with a variety of Jordan's, etc....


        I am not a huge fan of white sneakers, which remind me of my school days when almost everybody wore white sneakers all the time. Well, they were white the day you bought them. They did not stay white for long as they are hard to keep clean. And that is fine IMO, for the basketball or tennis court or the gym. But that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about casual or dress casual sneakers for wearing at the office or going out.

        And for that, I prefer almost any other color to white. Brown, light brown, blue, black, grey, even sage green is IMO preferable to white. But that is me.


          just v versatile and non offensive. agree on hard to keep clean tho


            I think there's a certain charm to beat up white canvas sneakers. They give off an effortless cool vibe. And white leather sneakers are a lot easier to keep clean than you think. All you need is a damp rag and a Mr. Clean magic eraser.