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Bonobos Daily Grind Suit - decent quality?

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    Bonobos Daily Grind Suit - decent quality?

    The Bonobos Daily Grind suit sells at an incredibly low price. The site says the fabric is 60% wool and 40% polyester.
    Does it feel cheap to the touch with that fabric ratio? Does it look cheap with a shiny appearance? Is the construction durable?
    Can a Daily Grind owner give me his impressions? Thanks!

    I've purchased a couple of the daily grind suits on heavy discount in the past, and sent all of them back pretty quickly and without much hesitation. I believe I have posted about the Bonobos suit and sportcoat options in the past, if you check my post history.

    Fabric quality is very workmanlike--not particularly soft to the touch, and the 60/40 blend means that it won't breath or drape particularly well. I also believe the suits are fused as opposed to half-canvassed.

    On the bright side, they have a ton of fit options (so you should find one that works), the free shipping/returns and ample number of Bonobos guideshops is a big plus for convenience, and the suits are priced very competitively when on sale. It would be a fine "first interview" suit for someone on their first job interview or someone who rarely wears suits and is looking for something cheap and accessible. Otherwise, SuitSupply and Spier & Mackay are unquestionably better options in terms of quality, as long as you're willing to deal with less accessibility (in terms of shipping/returns and availability to try on in person).


      According to their website, their jackets are half canvas:


        When on deep discount I've found that Bonobos suiting is a solid entry level option. That said, I preferred when they had 100% wool suiting options. I should also note that I fit incredibly well into the suit and required minimal alterations (sleeve length and simple hem for the trousers). I do agree that the fabric can be inconsistent and can give "cheap" or inferior quality vibes. I've found Bonobos to similar to J Crew and definitely better than dept. store private label or random brands on say Gilt.

        If given the choice, I prefer SuitSupply (especially during their online warehouse sale). Speaking of which, they should be due for a summer sale soon. Sale season is upon us, so if you can be patient you may find some really good deals out there.

        Quality isn't great, but weigh some pros vs cons and be realistic about the frequency of use

        Is there another similar option that fits better? Example J Crew
        Is this an item that will be used on a frequent basis, and are you ok beating it into the ground?
        Is this for a special occasion and should be a higher quality? Yes more expensive, but can still find some value via Yoox, seasonal sales, discounted dept. stores etc.