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my journey towards dappered 10 years later, aging of the the 2011 dappered look

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    Originally posted by CK83 View Post
    Definitely agree with the sentiment, don't overthink it, I guarantee you're one of the best dressed guys at the office.

    Just for fun I reached back to Dappered 2012:

    I would literally wear all of those things still today.

    The Dappered mantra "Fashion is temporary and expensive, style is timeless and affordable" still rings true. I have noticed some comments on the forum insinuating or downright stating the site is drifting toward stale/repetitive, but I think it's just a function of the purpose of the site. The goal of the site is not to sell sh!t, it's to help people dress stylishly and affordably. And because of this, sure it might be a bit repetitive. But if you want fashion forward, there's other sights and magazines for that.

    Kudos to this site for staying true to the mission! Also, man I miss the comment section from back in 2012!
    I'll jump on this particular sentiment. We're here because we want our fundamental wardrobe ideals to transcend "fashion" ebbs and flows. A polo, chinos, and derby shoes looked good 40 years ago, 10 years ago, and yesterday. I never bought skinny-fit pants. I'm not planning to buy 90's throwback loose-fit pants. I've been called a dandy (in so many words), but I've never been called a relic.

    All that said, I love the introspective deep dive here. Kudos evanparker.