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Invited to box seats at the F1 Race... Now what to wear?

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    Invited to box seats at the F1 Race... Now what to wear?

    So I got an invitation to sit in a private box at the F1 Race in Austin, TX this Friday. It's just a practice day, so apparently that means less formal, but then again I'll be sitting in the owner's box so that may mean nothing. I'm a college student who got super lucky so I'm sort of at a loss of what to wear, seeing as I'm not quite rolling in the high society of F1 (at least, not yet).

    Can anybody give me some guidance on what would be appropriate to wear to this thing?

    Thanks in advance!


    Well don't dress too badly, many lovely ladies least in the pits

    It will probably be really hot, so I'd say shorts and something like a fitted polo, casual dress most likely. Although I just watched skyfall in a blazer with a white button up


      The estimated temperatures for Friday are 60-70 so bare that in mind. F1 is still a pretty casual environment for fans. It honestly probably comes down to who the box owner is and your relationship with him/her. Ultimately I can't see looking out of place with jeans/chinos and a button up.

      I tried to find some images of well-dressed people on the grid, but that came up blank. So instead, here's a shot of the Sky F1 broadcasting team in action for reference

      Also, you lucky lucky bastard.
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        I am very jealous of you. Want to switch places; I know what I would wear

        Based on the forecast I think the photo above is pretty fitting. I would suggest throwing on a lightweight blazer as well.

        Might I also suggest a sports watch with a metal or rubber band. F1 is really big into watches.


          For your average fan (ie, non box seats, non club seats), an F1 race is very casual. I've never seen a "less formal" practice day, because I've never seen a formal day.

          I would expect it to be a step up in box seats, but 60s - 70s is easy weather to deal with. Jeans or chinos, lightweight blazer, and you're set. If you feel overdressed, ditch the blazer when you get there.