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    Originally posted by JohnR View Post
    I was in the inexpensive underwear camp for most of my life, too. Then I splurged and discovered what a difference it makes. I currently wear Mack Weldon almost exclusively. Every now and then I see a more affordable brand that seems like it would just as good so I'll give them a try but I always end up coming back to MW.
    I have several pairs of Mack Weldon and they are pretty nice. I also have several pair of cheap Uniqlo supima cotton ones and they're pretty nice but not spectacular by any means. The Mack Weldon ones are nicer but I like the Uniqlo ones because that company is the only boxer brief manufacturer that doesn't make their size break right at my waist size, which is 32. EVERYONE makes smalls 28-31 and mediums from 32-34 or something and I wind up having to guess whether they've vanity sized stuff and I need to size down because the medium will be too loose, or should I go with the medium? This is something i have a chronic problem with in everything, and it sucks. I'm in between a small and a medium on just about every size chart for underwear, pants, shirts, casual jackets, etc. You'd think there'd be at least one garment type (upper half or lower) I'd sit right in the sweet spot size-wise but no. Even socks, and hats/bike helmets! I'm on the cusp for EVERYTHING, except when it comes to Uniqlo underwear.
    “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain