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J. Crew Court Classic Sneakers

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    J. Crew Court Classic Sneakers

    Has anyone seen or tried the J. Crew court classic sneaker yet? I'm curious about the general quality. Are they full grain leather? Being from J. Crew I expect that they're nicer than BR options with a comparable MSRP, but not as nice as offerings from Greats or Good Man Brand, etc.

    @mcadamsandwich, it sounds like you've got a pair of these already. How do they compare to the Greats Royale? I've been wearing the Royale in tan for several months, and I'm about to admit they don't quite fit right, which means the white pair I picked up on mega-sale will likely stay in the box and go to ebay. I'm hoping the J. Crew option has a bit more room in the toes.

    Check out the review posted today.. lol. Yes, the J.Crew pair should fit more oblong that round, if that makes any sense.

    Overall quality? On par with J.Crew... good value for money when on sale, but won't stand up to better DTC brands like Gustin and Greats. Good Man Brand is a really good option from Nordstrom, although I've never owned or closely inspected a pair outside of the showroom.

    Personally, IMO: Common Projects > Gustin > Greats > J.Crew > Stan Smiths > New Republic Apollo.