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BR athletic tapered?

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  • Perseus
    I have an athletic build (big thighs, big butt) and it's murder trying to find pants, especially chino's, that fit. Traditionally, I have to size up my pants and then have them taken in on the sides. With great reluctance I tried on the athletic fit tapered traveler pant and they fit awesome. The tapper is more than I would like, but not having to have them tailored is a godsend. I don't see myself buying the jeans as I found Lucky jeans fit me well and have a more traditional straight cut that I prefer.

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  • BuddingPT47
    started a topic BR athletic tapered?

    BR athletic tapered?

    The sale post today said that BR is finally doing a traveler jean in their athletic taper cut, but I am pretty sure I bought a pair of those in store like 4 years ago? Did they not have them online? or was that a different stretchy fabric that's not the traveler jean? I still have the pair but i've moved away from them now, I've moved into a couple pairs of raw 501 STF and I like the no stretch aspect of it. 100% cotton feels more durable, fades better, and doesn't get stretch fatigue like stretchy pants do. Also I'm trying to get away from the skinny ankles look on most of my pants. it's nice that BR is investing more in athletic fits but stinks that i've moved away from that style by now.