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AE Dalton vs TBC Wingtip

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    AE Dalton vs TBC Wingtip

    I have a few pairs of AE shoes that fit great. I git some Daltons in the same size (13B), but they just feel cramped in the toe box. They felt okay in the store given the AE employee’s suggestion that they’ll stretch a little, but they haven't. I have worn them a few times to speed that up, so they cannot be returned. I am kicking around selling them and replacing with either a different size or 5he TBC Wingtip boots.

    What are your thoughts about TBC? Trying different size (fairly sure i tried the next size up but they were then too big).

    I have a pair of Thursday Boots. The quality is definitely not up to par with Allen Edmonds, but they are much cheaper. Thursday boots is one of those brands that advertise giving you $600 x for only $200. Most brands that do this type of marketing such as DW or MVMT are selling you 10$ watches for $150. Thursdays at the very least, are selling $200 boots for $200. The leathers are ok, the dainite look alikes wear out pretty quick, and a lot of the internals are synthetic, but they still are good year welted. I would consider Thursdays as the perfect option for a sneaker head who is looking to get into their first pair of boots. Why? because all of the synthetics in Thursdays makes them feel very sneaker like when you first wear them.

    Nowadays, there are tons of amazing shoe options in the sub $400 range. If you like the thursdays, go for them, but there are tons of great value brands out there putting out some great stuff.


      Thursdays are fantastic boots *ESPECIALLY* at the $200 price point.

      They are not even close to AEs.

      I have some Thursday captains in natural CXL. They're extremely soft, needed no break-in, and are extremely well-made. They are also SIGNIFICANTLY more casual than the Dalton. If you're looking to dress a more casual outfit UP, Thursdays *COULD* work, but wouldn't be my first (or even sixth) choice.

      If looking to dress something a bit more formal DOWN (suit w/open-collar shirt or polo) they again *COULD* work, but once again wouldn't really be my first choice.

      They're great when in jeans and you could be on your feet for a while, like yard chores or just gallivantin around. Though I wear one or both pairs of my Daltons all over when we go on a road trip...but they also probably fit more comfortably than it sounds like yours may for you.

      I will say don't give up on the Daltons just yet. The thicker sole and full-grain leather can lend to a longer break-in. My bourbon pair took several months (and maybe 20-25 wears) before they were really comfy. But, boy howdy are they ever nice now.